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Tumescent Liposuction: Tiny Incisions, Minimal Discomfort, and Quick Recovery

A woman's midsection following tumescent liposuctionIf you are considering liposuction to achieve a firmer, more contoured figure, you have several options. To ensure your safety and comfort, Dr. David Passaretti offers tumescent liposuction at his Darien, CT, practice. Sometimes called “wet liposuction,” this procedure is similar to traditional liposuction in many ways. Similar to traditional contouring techniques, Dr. Passaretti will use a small tube to suction out unwanted fat cells. The tumescent method, however, involves the injection of a special anesthetic solution. The medications in this solution will plump up the fat cells, facilitating easier removal with limited impact to the surrounding areas. Tumescent liposuction is very safe and effective with a brief recovery time.

Candidates for Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction, like other forms of the procedure, is suitable for most areas of the body. This treatment may be right for you if you want to sculpt and refine your:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Chin
  • Waist

Liposuction is designed to eliminate isolated pockets of fat only. If you are overweight or if you have not tried to reduce fat through diet and exercise, the treatment is not right for you. The best candidates for this procedure are those at a healthy and stable weight with overall good health.

Because the fat cells will be easier to isolate, Dr. Passaretti can limit discomfort, swelling, and bruising after tumescent liposuction.

The Tumescent Liposuction Procedure

Before performing tumescent liposuction, Dr. Passaretti will carefully consider your cosmetic goals and plan your procedure at his state-of-the-art facility. He will evaluate the amount of contouring you require and also determine exactly where he needs to place the cannula. Then he will inject the treatment area with a special anesthetic solution containing lidocaine. This solution will have a threefold effect: first, it will numb the area so that you will feel virtually nothing; second, it will cause the capillaries to constrict, minimizing bleeding; finally, it will also swell the fat cells, making them easier to isolate and remove.

Aside from the injections, tumescent liposuction is almost identical to standard liposuction. Dr. Passaretti will make minute incisions, and he will insert the cannula. Through this tube, he will gently vacuum out the fat cells. Finally, if needed, he will close the incisions. However, in many cases, they are so small that stitches are not necessary.

Benefits of the Tumescent Technique

Dr. Passaretti performs this advanced type of liposuction for several reasons:

  • Because the fat cells will be easier to isolate and remove, Dr. Passaretti can limit discomfort, swelling, and bruising after liposuction.
  • You will also experience minimal bleeding since your nearby blood vessels will temporarily shrink.
  • Since your capillaries will constrict, the anesthetic will remain in the area for a longer period of time. As a result, your initial recovery will typically be more comfortable than it would be after traditional liposuction.
  • With this technique, Dr. Passaretti can often use smaller cannulas, or microcannulas. Therefore, he can make even shorter incisions. He can also achieve smoother, more predictable results.
  • Recovery is typically very quick. You may be able to return to work and most of your regular activities in just two days.
  • After treatment, you could enjoy a dramatically slimmer and more youthful-looking body as well as a dramatic boost in confidence.

Schedule Your Appointment

To learn more about tumescent liposuction and other forms of the treatment we offer, call our office at (203) 405-2984 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. During a visit to our office, Dr. Passaretti can explain how tumescent liposuction may benefit you. 

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