Laser Hair Removal

Eliminate Unwanted Hair with Laser Hair Removal

A woman with smooth, hair-free legsDr. David Passaretti offers laser hair removal using the state-of-the-art Palomar Icon™ Laser System. Laser hair removal is a great nonsurgical option for patients who desire a long-lasting solution to unwanted facial and body hair. The Palomar Icon™ Laser System is one of the most advanced and effective laser systems available. Dr. Passaretti uses this system specifically because it produces excellent results and involves minimal discomfort. To learn more about our advanced laser hair removal, contact Dr. Passaretti's Darien office today.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

During our hair removal procedure, a laser is targeted on individual hair follicles. The laser creates heat that disables these follicles, inhibiting them from growing hair in the future.

The Palomar Icon™ Laser System has many advantages that make it a great hair removal solution for many patients. The system is equipped with cooling technology that keeps surrounding tissues comfortable and protected. To achieve maximum results, Dr. Passaretti recommends that patients come in for at least three treatments, which helps ensure that more hair follicles are targeted as your body goes through its natural hair growth cycle. On average, patients experience up to 79 percent reduction of hair growth after just three sessions.

Laser Hair Removal Applications

Because it is gentle on your skin and virtually painless for most patients, the Palomar Icon™ Laser System can be used all over your body, wherever you have unwanted hair. Common targeted areas for laser hair removal include the back, legs, buttocks, bikini line, arms, armpits, upper lip, and chin.

Treatment requires little to no recovery. Patients can return to their daily activities immediately after treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

There are many benefits of laser hair removal using the Palomar Icon™ Laser System:

  • Increased Confidence: Laser hair removal can help you feel confident in swimwear and other revealing clothing.
  • More Time: Laser hair removal can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend shaving and waxing. The Palomar Icon™ Laser System is so effective, many patients no longer have to shave or wax at all in treated areas.
  • Cost Savings: While it does require an initial investment, laser hair removal can ultimately save you money. You will no longer have to purchase razors regularly or pay for expensive waxing appointments.
  • Less Skin Irritation: Shaving and waxing can irritate sensitive skin. Once you have undergone laser hair removal, your follicles will no longer produce hair, which eliminates bumps and redness that can develop with waxing and shaving.

Laser Hair Removal Candidates

Most patients are candidates for laser hair removal with the Palomar Icon™ Laser System. In years past, many patients with heavily pigmented or sensitive skin were told they were not good candidates for laser hair removal because it could cause abnormal pigmentation on the skin. The Palomar Icon™ Laser System, however, is safe for most patients across the spectrum of skin colors and types. Dr. Passaretti can determine if you are a candidate during a consultation.

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To learn more about the Palomar Icon™ Laser System, contact us today. In addition to laser hair removal, this technology can also be used to even skin tone, reduce the prominence of scars, and more.

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