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Eliminate Excess Skin and Tone the Arms with an Arm Lift

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Woman pinching flabby, excessive skin hanging from her lower armMany people strive to achieve their ideal body image by focusing on proper diet and exercise. While these are healthy practices that can aid in weight loss, they cannot eliminate all problem areas. Most people hold on to stubborn pockets of fat that simply fail to respond to even the most vigorous of exercise. Ironically, loose, sagging skin can particularly be a problem for those who have succeeded in losing weight, especially when that weight loss is significant. For our patients in Fairfield, liposuction can remove fatty deposits and an arm lift can remove excess skin to create a more toned, sculpted appearance for the arms.


An arm lift is an ideal procedure for patients who wish to improve the contour of the arms by eliminating flabby, saggy skin to reveal more muscle tone. This procedure is particularly aimed at patients who notice an excess of skin or fat on the upper arms. This is most noticeable when the arms are lifted or raised, and excess skin can be seen flapping beneath the arms. Although an arm lift requires alteration on just a small area of the body, this is still considered a serious surgical procedure. Because of this, an arm lift is only appropriate for those patients who are in good overall health and are free of medical conditions that could complicate the surgery.


In most cases of an arm lift, patients have two problems that need to be addressed: excess fat and excess skin. In order to address both of these conditions successfully, many arm lift procedures involve an incision to remove excess skin and tissue, combined with liposuction, which allows Dr. Passaretti to further tone and sculpt the arms by eliminating stubborn fat pockets. However, depending on the needs of each patient, the desired results may be achieved through an arm lift technique alone, or through the liposuction technique alone. The specifics of each procedure are as follows:

  • Arm lift: During a traditional arm lift procedure, a single incision is made along the underside of the arm, typically extending from the elbow, up to the armpit. Dr. Passaretti removes any excess skin or fat and then pulls the skin taut before closing the incision. Although this procedure will result in a scar, it should be easily concealed on the underside of the arm.
  • Liposuction: During a liposuction procedure, a series of tiny incisions are made in the treatment area. Through these incisions, Dr. Passaretti inserts a hollow surgical tool called a cannula. This tool breaks up pockets of fat and suctions them from the body. For patients who do not have a large amount of excess skin, this procedure alone may satisfactorily tone the arms. For others, liposuction can further enhance the results of an arm lift.


Dr. Passaretti chooses an arm lift technique that is most likely to produce the desired result of each patient. Patients who have sculpted the arms with an arm lift procedure will benefit from greater confidence, better fitting clothing, greater muscle definition, and younger looking arms.

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