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Tighten your skin with Plasma Pen treatment in Fairfield County.. Age takes its toll on everyone’s body, but time can be especially brutal to your skin. Wrinkles, discoloration, sagging — they’re common problems, but real solutions can be hard to find. Lucky for you, a plasma pen treatment at Dr. David Passaretti’s office offers a way to effectively tighten your skin and have you back to your everyday life in no time. Through one simple plasma pen treatment at our clinic in Darien, CT, you can avoid downtime and see non-surgical results today.

What is a Plasma Pen Treatment?

As your skin ages, natural changes in your body combined with sun and environmental damage conspire together to make your skin less resilient and vibrant than it once was. These factors make it more difficult for your skin to replace damaged cells, leading to lasting wrinkles, dull texture, and a more aged, tired appearance than you feel.

Dr. Passaretti and his highly trained Med Spa staff use plasma pen treatments to trigger the healing process in your skin, creating a younger, healthier appearance. The plasma pen works by creating a tiny arc of highly charged particles just over the surface of your skin. This high-energy plasma strategically destroys the outer layer of your skin, prompting your body to begin healing itself by replacing the damaged cells and creating collagen and elastin-two compounds that contribute to youthful skin. This process gives your skin a tighter texture and a healthy glow.

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Am I a Candidate for a Plasma Pen Treatment?

For patients in Fairfield County plasma pen treatments are a safe and effective procedure for skin tightening anywhere on your body. Our team will thoroughly assess your current condition and cover your medical history during your consultation to ensure a plasma pen treatment is right for you. While every person’s body is unique, most candidates for plasma pen treatments are in good overall health. The ideal patient is a non-smoker, as smoking can impair the healing process and lead to suboptimal results. People who fully understand the procedure and have realistic expectations for their outcome also make great candidates. Finally, a person committed to an ongoing skin care routine — including sun protection — is best situated to see positive, lasting results.

Is a Plasma Pen Treatment Right For Me?

Studies have shown the plasma pen treatment effectively corrects or treats the following skin-related issues.

  • Crows feet
  • Lines on your neck
  • Wrinkles around your lips
  • Sagging skin on some areas of the body
  • Sagging around the upper or lower eyelid
  • Lines on your forehead or between your eyebrows
  • Creases from your nose to the corners of your mouth

If you’re looking for a way to tighten your skin in any of these areas, a plasma pen treatment may be the answer. During your consultation with Dr. Passaretti and his highly professional team, they’ll listen attentively to your concerns and give you the empathetic care you deserve. You’ll work with them to craft a personalized, safe, and effective treatment plan that matches your lifestyle and meets your goal of acheiving the best skin tightening with plasma pen Fairfield County can offer.

The Plasma Pen Treatment Procedure

The plasma pen treatments performed are done in-house at Dr. Passaretti’s state-of-the-art clinic in Fairfield County, CT. Because this procedure involves no needles or incisions, only a mild topical anesthetic is necessary in most cases. That means you can expect to be awake and ready to go home immediately following your treatment. The first step in your procedure is to thoroughly clean and disinfect the skin on and around the targeted area.

While the overall risk is low, this helps ensure the likelihood of infection-related complications remains minimal. Once your skin has been cleaned, a mild numbing agent will be applied as needed — this may be a topical anesthetic or a cool compress. Next, the plasma pen will be applied to the targeted area as instructed in your treatment plan. The plasma pen discharges a high-energy plasma arc that strategically burns the outer layer of damaged skin. This process is repeated as needed to ensure balanced and natural-looking results. Once the treatment is completed, your skin is cleansed again, and a soothing ointment is applied as needed.

Recovery From a Plasma Pen Treatment

The speed and success of your recovery will depend upon the unique way your body works, but how well you follow Dr. Passaretti’s aftercare instructions will be critical. Immediately after your treatment, you will notice red or dark dots around the treated area. The skin discoloration is the result of the plasma pen precisely targeting and destroying your damaged skin. It is common for patients to experience a slight stinging sensation on the treated skin and some redness or swelling. It is only minor discomfort for most patients, but this effect is manageable with our aftercare instructions.

During the first few days, you can expect the dots to begin to heal into tiny scabs. In this period, it is vital that you closely follow the instructions about keeping your skin protected from stress and the sun. These guidelines may cover various recovery guidelines, from activities to avoid to recommendations regarding makeup application to advice on how to allow your skin to heal while sleeping. Once the scabs begin to fall off (usually five to ten days), your skin may appear pink and sensitive. Continue following the instructions, but incrementally returning to your more standard skincare routine and activities is usually appropriate at this time.

Plasma Pen Treatment Results

Once all of the scabs diminish and the redness has subsided — typically two to four weeks after treatment — you should see noticeable results. Your skin in the treated area should appear tighter and more vibrant. Wrinkles or sagginess should significantly be reduced or eliminated, and skin tone and texture should be balanced and youthful. You can expect the results from your plasma pen treatment to last for several months, but their duration will largely depend on how diligent you are about caring for and protecting your skin.

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If you’re ready to take the first step toward tighter skin with a plasma pen Darien plastic surgeon Dr. David Passaretti offers one-on-one consultations. Contact our office to request your appointment today. His highly-trained and caring staff will schedule your consultation and answer as many questions as they can. Their priority is your comfort and satisfaction. Dr. Passaretti’s clinic is conveniently located in Darien, CT, and ready to serve patients throughout Fairfield County and Connecticut.

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