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Facial Laceration Repair in Fairfield County, Connecticut

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If performed improperly, repair of facial lacerations can cause substantial physical and emotional scarring. A facial laceration describes a cut on the skin of the face, and it requires advanced surgical attention in order to keep scarring to a minimum. The steps a patient takes in the 24 hours following a laceration will greatly affect the permanent aesthetic results. Rather than rushing to the emergency room where the priority is to close a wound as quickly as possible, you can receive expert, artistic surgical care for facial lacerations at Dr. David Passaretti's Darien practice. If you or your child has suffered a facial laceration, contact the office of Dr. Passaretti right away.

Facial Laceration Care in a Safe, Calming Environment

If you or your child has experienced a facial laceration, it is important to seek treatment quickly to ensure that the wound will heal with minimal scarring. However, this does not mean that patients should rush to the emergency room for care. Dr. Passaretti is a skilled plastic surgeon who can provide more aesthetically pleasing results than an emergency room can provide. A member of Dr. Passaretti's team is available by phone 24 hours a day, including nights and weekends, to answer your questions and schedule a surgical appointment for you or your child.

The emergency room is an incredibly stressful environment. Additionally, the risk of a hospital-related infection is higher at an emergency room than at Dr. Passaretti's office. Once a facial laceration has been hastily repaired, Dr. Passaretti can do little to refine the way it looks. This is why patients should always call a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Passaretti in the event of a facial laceration.

Dr. Passaretti's team has extensive experience and training to help calm patients who have endured facial trauma. Rather than sedating patients, Dr. Passaretti and his team can help calm patients and prepare them for surgery. Our Fairfield County plastic surgery facility is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to assist Dr. Passaretti in repairing complex facial lacerations.

Fairfield County Facial Lacerations Repair

Facial Laceration Repair

Because each facial laceration wound is different, Dr. Passaretti determines his Fairfield County facial laceration repair on a case-by-case basis. Before suturing the laceration, Dr. Passaretti will carefully stitch any underlying tissues using dissolvable sutures. This prevents underlying tissues from pulling apart.

Next, Dr. Passaretti will remove any damaged skin and tissue from the edges of the laceration. He creates cleaner lines in the tissue that will heal easier and with less scarring than damaged, uneven edges. This is a key difference between Dr. Passaretti's care and emergency room surgery.

Once the edges of the skin are prepped, Dr. Passaretti uses his technical expertise to carefully close the laceration with sutures. This step in the surgery requires a steady hand and artistic eye, which is why it is important to seek the immediate care of a skilled plastic surgeon.

Aftercare for Facial Lacerations

Depending on the location and severity of a laceration, Dr. Passaretti may direct patients to wear a dressing over their sutures until their wound is healed. Patients will clean their wounds at least twice daily using a cotton swab and hydrogen peroxide, followed by the application of an antibacterial ointment. To reduce swelling, patients can sleep with their heads elevated and use ice packs for the first 48 hours following surgery.

In 5 to 10 days following facial laceration repair Fairfield County plastic surgeon Dr. Passaretti will remove patients' sutures. At this point, a patient's skin will have healed, but it will still require care to reduce potential scarring. The two most important principles of caring for a repaired facial laceration are avoiding the sun and massaging the scar. After healing, patients should wear SPF 30 on their scars every day. They should also maintain a regular schedule of scar massage, which helps prevent scar tissue from building within and beneath the skin. Dr. Passaretti can teach patients the proper way to massage a facial scar, which should be done often and vigorously.

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