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At the office of Dr. David Passaretti, we use a unique and personal approach to plastic surgery. With the understanding of how dramatically a cosmetic surgery procedure can affect his patients, Dr. Passaretti uses the initial consultation to create a bond with his patients that makes them feel comfortable.

Dr. Passaretti: My goal is always to provide each patient with an individualized plan of care that achieves their specific goals. Announcer: Plastic surgery is a very personal decision. Some patients are seeking dramatic enhancements while others simply wish to bring out their natural beauty. Client A: I never felt comfortable wearing scarves or turtlenecks; I felt it drew attention. I'm in sales and self-confidence is really important. Announcer: Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Passaretti's unique approach to cosmetic surgery sets him apart from the rest. For Dr. Passaretti, plastic surgery is more than about fixing flaws; he knows it can change lives dramatically. Client B: Having four children and cancer and this huge problem in my abdomen; having it gone today is just amazing. My clothes are literally falling off of me, so that's a great feeling. Announcer: In his state of the art cosmetic surgery facility, you'll get the personalized care you deserve. From the initial consultation to your post-operative care, Dr. Passaretti and his staff are there to meet your every need. Dr. Passaretti: My personal goal is to create an environment in which patients feel comfortable and happy. Each staff member knows each patient individually. During your time here as a patient, you should feel as though you are our only patient, because during that time, you are our only patient and we have all of our attention focused directly on you. Announcer: This award winning physician is not like most plastic surgeons. Dr. Passaretti cares about his patients and is honest. He will also be the first to tell you when you don't need something done. Dr. Passaretti: I never try to sell anything to my patients. I try to educate them about what their options are and try to help them make the best choice possible. So if I don't think something is a good idea for them, I'm completely honest and try to guide them in the right direction. Announcer: Dr. Passaretti offers everything from rhinoplasty to body contouring, eyelid surgery, liposuction, breast reconstructive surgery, and much more. Client C: My procedure has changed my life in that, following a double mastectomy, it really was a way for me to get my confidence back and really move forward with my life. It really was an exceptional way for me to move forward. Announcer: His eye for beauty will help sculpt the look you've always wanted. Client A: I'm really happy with the look of the facelift. I really did it because my neck was all crazy; it bothered me for years. And I only get compliments; people say, "Gee, you look good; you look rested." Not one person has said, "Did you have something done?" Announcer: Refresh your look, tone your body, and reverse the signs of aging. Call Dr. David Passaretti and schedule your consultation today because you deserve to look your best.

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If you are considering plastic surgery in Darien, CT, or anywhere around Fairfield County, contact us to schedule a one-on-one consultation with top plastic surgeon Dr. Passaretti.

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