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Male Plastic Surgeryin Darien

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To meet the unique needs of male patients, Dr. David Passaretti offers advanced male plastic surgery procedures tailored to enhance masculine features and improve your confidence. At our Fairfield County plastic surgery clinic, we offer a range of surgical options and non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments. Depending on your goals, you can undergo a single procedure to address a specific aesthetic concern or experience the benefits of a full treatment plan designed by Dr. Passaretti.*

Surgical Options

Dr. Passaretti has developed precise, specialized approaches, tailoring surgical procedures to enhance the male physique and provide more masculine features. *

Gynecomastia Surgery

Also known as male breast reduction, gynecomastia surgery treats a relatively common condition that causes men to develop more pronounced breast tissue. During treatment, Dr. Passaretti can use a variety of techniques to remove excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin to tighten and tone your chest.*


Fat can accumulate in areas that are difficult to target with diet and exercise, such as the flanks, chest, and along the chin and neck. Liposuction can address stubborn fat deposits. Dr. Passaretti can strategically remove excess tissue from around muscle groups to create a more muscular and fit aesthetic as well.*

Facial Procedures

We offer a range of facial procedures that will be tailored to your unique features and desires. Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is typically used to address the size or asymmetry of your nose. Not only can this procedure create balance with other facial features, but it can address structural issues such as a deviated septum and damage from injury or trauma.* Our office performs a range of non-invasive procedures to help you achieve an improved appearance with minimal downtime and recovery.

Dr. Passaretti offers several facelift options to reduce sagging skin and jowls, including Lifestyle Lift® which can involve minimal downtime. A neck lift can also remove excess skin and tighten underlying muscles to improve the contours of your neck and the definition of your chin. If you suffer from a weak chin, you can also include chin surgery to achieve a stronger jawline and enhance your overall appearance.*

Non-Surgical Treatments

Our office also performs a range of non-invasive procedures that can help you achieve a more aesthetic appearance with minimal downtime and recovery.

Injectable Options

We offer a range of injectable treatments to reduce and eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and acne scarring, as well as restore facial fullness. Dr. Passaretti provides Botox Cosmetic and a range of dermal fillers, and can help you determine the best options to achieve your goals.*

Laser Procedures

A laser skin treatment can smooth rough skin, address pigmentation issues, treat scarring left by acne, and remove unwanted hair.

Chemical Peels

Glycolic peels help treat dull or uneven complexions, acne, and minor signs of aging. Deeper chemical peels remove damaged cells to reveal smoother skin beneath for more significant results.*


If you are looking for a non-invasive way to address skin concerns, microdermabrasion is a conservative treatment with no downtime. Microdermabrasion removes the outermost layers of dead skin cells, brightening your skin and eliminating blemishes. *

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