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Breast Revisionin Darien

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Feeling unsatisfied or experiencing complications with your breast implants can be upsetting and cause you to feel self-conscious. Dr. David Passaretti is a Fairfield County plastic surgeon who can perform breast augmentation revision to improve the appearance or address complications of implants.

Breast Implant Revision

Whether your augmented breasts are different sizes, the wrong size, the wrong shape, or you are suffering from capsular contracture (constrictive scar tissue), Dr. Passaretti will tailor a Breast Revision specifically to your needs.

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Capsular Contracture

If your breasts are hard to the touch or misshapen following breast augmentation, you may be suffering from capsular contracture. Before undergoing revision surgery, Dr. Passaretti will review the details of the procedure and discuss your goals to customize treatment.

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Double Bubble

Double-bubble often occurs because the original augmentation procedure was performed incorrectly. Dr. David Passaretti can correct implants that have slipped below the natural bottom crease of the breast by performing double bubble revision surgery.

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Displacement Revision

When a breast implant shifts out of position it can compromise the results of breast augmentation. If you have experienced implant displacement, Dr. David Passaretti can perform a breast implant displacement revision surgery to help restore your feminine figure.

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Change in Implant Size

Although patients select the size and type of breast implants they want after extensive discussions with their surgeon, sometimes it is not possible to fully appreciate how implants will look and feel once they are in place. Dr. David Passaretti can achieve your desired look.

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Breast Implant Deflation

A breast implant leak can cause the breasts to appear deflated and detract from a patient's appearance. If your saline or silicone implant has ruptured, Dr. David Passaretti can remove and replace it during breast implant deflation revision surgery.

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Breast Implant Rippling

Where implants develop wrinkles and the skin around the breast appears folded or creased, Dr. David Passaretti can perform breast implant rippling revision surgery to remove your implants and replace them with silicone implants that have a much lower incidence of rippling.

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