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Brow Lift in Fairfield County, Connecticut

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The brow lift is one of the most powerful and under-appreciated procedures for facial rejuvenation. Through a combination of aging and genetics, our brows tend to descend over time, giving the lateral brow a heavy and tired look. At the office of David Passaretti MD in Fairfield County brow lifts are designed to reverse this aging trend by re-suspending the eyebrow.

The EndoBrow: Elevating Brow Lifts

For our patients seeking brow lifts in Connecticut and from across the country, Dr. David Passaretti performs the EndoBrow; an advanced, minimally invasive endoscopic brow lift that elevates the eyebrow and eliminates the look of tired, heavy eyelids caused by aging. Our Fairfield County plastic surgeon strives to provide the best brow lift Fairfield County has to offer, that's why he's is a firm believer in the endo brow lift and uses it on 95% of his brow lift patients.

Brow Lift Fairield County

How is the EndoBrow different from traditional brow lifts?

The Endobrow is the most advanced brow lift technique available today. As a minimally invasive procedure, it produces minimal bruising and downtime and is virtually pain free. The EndoBrow procedure requires the use of special endoscopic equipment, which is not available in most plastic surgery facilities. Many surgeons have also not had the advanced training and experience to perform this technique.

Your procedure will be performed in the safety and privacy of Dr. Passaretti’s in-office, state-of-the-art surgical suite. Dr. Passaretti will carefully and invisibly elevate the brow and reposition it properly using small incisions that are made behind the hairline and secured with dissolvable hooks placed beneath the skin. The incisions behind the hairline are very small (about an inch), so there is no risk of hair loss. The fine-tuned endoscopic instruments allow incredible control to create a natural, elegant shape. The procedure is virtually undetectable — except for the results!

Dr. Passaretti frequently combines the EndoBrow with his dual plane plication facelift, creating full facial rejuvenation and harmony without any additional downtime.

Achieving a “Highbrow” Look

The term “highbrow” originated in the late 1800s with the popularization of phrenology; a now-debunked scientific theory that the shape of the skull correlated with a person’s intelligence. People with “high brows” were considered more intelligent; those with “low brows”... not so much. While the science has been debunked, the terms remain to this day — and so do the beauty trends associated with them.

If we look carefully at a classically beautiful young woman (think Vogue magazine cover model), we will notice that the middle part of the brow is often quite low, even below the edge of the bone. Laterally, however, the brow is quite high and will elegantly sweep above the bony orbital rim, exposing it a little. This is the effect reproduced by the brow lift.

Other Brow Lift Techniques

There are many benefits to be had from an expertly performed brow lift in Connecticut. How best to achieve this will be determined during your consultation with Dr. Passaretti. For the 5% of patients for whom the EndoBrow may not be the solution (such as people with particularly high foreheads), there are other brow lift techniques, which include:

Coronal Brow Lifts

The coronal brow lift is the oldest form of brow lift. Relatively unchanged since the 1970s, the coronal brow lift is widely used for its simplicity and effectiveness. However, it involves a long incision extending across the scalp from ear to ear. Because of this, Dr. Passaretti prefers the EndoBrow, which provides more control and virtually no scarring.

Hairline Brow Lifts

Hairline brow lifts are a specialized technique where an incision is made along the hairline above the forehead. This is generally used for patients who have a naturally high forehead or are experiencing hair loss.

Temporal Brow Lift

Think of this as a “mini” coronal brow lift. With a temporal brow lift, incisions are made on either side of the face over the temple, but they do not extend to the crown of the head. An older technique, this form of brow lift is slowly being phased out by many surgeons as newer, more modern techniques are available. Dr. Passaretti recommends any patients considering a temporal brow lift schedule a consultation with him, to see if they are candidates for the EndoBrow. This would result in less scarring and downtime than if they moved forward with temporal lifts.

How to Tell if Your Brows are Drooping

You might think that a quick glance in the mirror would be all it takes to determine if you have drooping brows, but that is not necessarily the case. As we age, our brains make subtle, almost imperceptible corrections to keep our brows up without us consciously realizing it. In some cases, our brains may be constantly engaging our forehead muscles to lift the brows for us. This not only masks drooping brows but can lead to wrinkles along the forehead as well!

During your consultation with Dr. Passaretti, we evaluate the position of your brows with your forehead completely at rest. This often requires you to sit relaxed with your eyes closed. At times, we may even have to massage the brow to coax the muscles into relaxing. With your brow fully relaxed, your true brow placement becomes apparent. If it is sitting on or below the edge of the bone around the eye, then a brow lift will help restore it to its natural position.

Ideally, at rest, the eyebrows sit above the orbital rim and have a natural, elegant curve, peaking at the junction of the middle and lateral third. This means that our forehead muscles do not have to work to keep it elevated and we avoid those deep lines and wrinkles across the forehead.

An Uplifting Experience

Many patients also experience headaches, eye strain, and feelings of fatigue from having low brows. By restoring your brows natural position, you can alleviate all of these symptoms, so you feel as rejuvenated as you look.

If you feel like your forehead is doing too much heavy lifting to keep your brows up, schedule a consultation with Dr. Passaretti for a brow lift in Darien, Connecticut. He will evaluate your skin and brow placement and help you determine treatment options to restore your brows to their proper place.

Brow Lift FAQ

If your eyebrows are sitting at or below the bone surrounding the eye, then you will benefit from a brow lift. You can determine this by closing your eyes and relaxing your forehead. Feel where your eyebrow is relative to the bone above the eye.

A brow lift elevates and reshapes the eyebrow, increasing the distance between the eyebrow and the eyelashes. An upper eyelid surgery, on the other hand, removes excess skin on the lid. This increases the distance from the eyelashes to the lid fold, creating more lid show. These surgeries are complementary and frequently performed together.

By elevating the brow and opening up the eye, we reduce the strain on the forehead muscles to keep the brow elevated. This does significantly reduce the lines in the forehead. It does not completely get rid of them and it does not address the elevens. For our Connecticut brow lift patients, Dr. Passaretti can coordinate your treatment options to address these other signs of aging along with your brow lift.

While many patients still use Botox after brow lifts, they find they need much less. They are also less worried about their eyebrows drooping after Botox.

No! Not if the brow lift is well done. Dr. Passaretti’s EndoBrow procedure creates a completely natural look. The “deer in headlights” look of constant surprise is simply due to a poorly performed brow lift.

Most patients experience only mild discomfort and bruising around the eye for approximately 10 days following a brow lift.

If you are considering plastic surgery in Darien, CT, or anywhere around Fairfield County, contact us to schedule a one-on-one consultation with top plastic surgeon Dr. Passaretti.

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