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Labiaplasty in Fairfield County, CT

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If your labia hang low, you may find that sexual intercourse or even just riding a bike can be incredibly painful. Dr. David Passaretti performs our Fairfield County labiaplasty surgery as a way to relieve this discomfort and ease self-consciousness. How exactly can labiaplasty benefit me?

What is Labiaplasty?

Life events and natural aging can be a very beautiful experience. For women, common changes can be attributed to time, pregnancy, and childbirth. These changes can have an impact on the vaginal area, which can lead to discomfort, embarrassment, and maybe a lack of confidence or feeling your best.

Labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation can help restore not only some of the physical concerns you may have but also your sense of comfort and confidence. Dr. Passaretti's procedure helps to reshape the labia minora, or the inner "lips" surrounding the vagina. A woman's labia should be the source of pleasure in many instances, but asymmetrical labia folds or shape, low hanging labia, or elongated labia tissue due to age or pregnancy can all be the sources of discomfort or pain. A labiaplasty is meant to rejuvenate the vaginal area aesthetically and ease any daily discomfort you may experience. Board-certified Connecticut plastic surgeon, Dr. David Passaretti in Fairfield County, can help ease your self-consciousness or physical pain through labiaplasty.

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How Exactly Can Labiaplasty Benefit Me?

A closer look at the benefits

As women age or go through life events, sex can, unfortunately, become less pleasurable and more uncomfortable or painful. But it's not just intercourse that can be impacted. Routine activities like riding a bike, putting on clothes, and seeing how some clothing can fit, or hygiene steps like using tampons can all be daily struggles. Labiaplasty aims to fix these concerns by alleviating discomfort, restoring confidence, and improving the pleasurable and intimate experience that sex is supposed to be.

Easing Discomfort

Overly long labia can easily get caught or twisted, leading to pain, irritation, and itching. By trimming excess tissue, Dr. Passaretti can minimize or even eliminate this discomfort.

Cosmetic Enhancement

In addition to physical relief, surgical intervention can provide aesthetic enhancement as well. If one labium is longer than the other, this procedure can reduce asymmetry. If both are long, the surgery can reduce their length so you can fit more comfortably into your clothes.

High Rate of Satisfaction

According to a study conducted by Antiaging Group Barcelona, nearly 97 percent of patients rate their labiaplasty results as "very good" or "excellent." Dr. Passaretti helps patients from throughout Connecticut experience outstanding benefits through labiaplasty. Surgery can reduce the labia in a way that enhances your physical comfort as well as your confidence in and out of your clothes.

Am I a Good Candidate for Labiaplasty?

For some women, this might be an embarrassing question. "Should I get a labiaplasty?" Basically, you're asking yourself if you need to "fix" your vagina, and it's one of the most personal and intimate things a woman can ask herself about her body. Dr. Passaretti treats each patient with dignity and respect. You can feel comfortable asking whatever questions you have without fear of judgment or embarrassment.

For some women, seeking cosmetic changes to their vagina is reason enough to consider labiaplasty. The procedure can help restore the vaginal area to make it look like it did pre-childbirth or when you were younger. Others want to get back to enjoying life and sex by making both more comfortable through labiaplasty.

The Labiaplasty Procedure

An intimate procedure like labiaplasty can only start with one thing: your comfort. Dr. Passaretti and his team will guide you through the entire process and answer all of your questions and concerns beforehand so you can feel confident and ready on the day of your procedure.

You can trust that Dr. Passaretti's team will provide the ultimate care for you so you can focus on the amazing results from your labiaplasty. How your exact procedure goes will depend on the plan you and Dr. Passaretti agreed upon because every treatment is tailored to you individually. Dr. Passaretti is skilled in various techniques that can address different concerns regarding the size and shape of the labia. You can expect general anesthesia or sedation to mitigate any pain or discomfort during the procedure. Many patients can plan on the procedure lasting around two hours.

Labiaplasty Recovery

Because the vaginal area is a sensitive part of your body, it's natural to think this might be a painful procedure and recovery. You can rest assured that Dr. Passaretti will go to great lengths to minimize and eliminate any pain associated with your labiaplasty. Some patients might experience minor swelling, bruising, or discomfort in the area immediately following the procedure. At-home remedies can typically alleviate the discomfort. Dr. Passaretti and his team will develop a custom aftercare plan for you to make sure you're comfortable while recovering. In the initial phase of recovery, it's best to avoid rigorous activity and exercise while you give your body time to heal. It is also best to avoid sexual intercourse during this time.

Labiaplasty Results

Following a labiaplasty with Dr. Passaretti, patients should take a couple of days for themselves to relax. The healing process has begun, and you are on your way to a comfort and confidence boost. Many patients can expect close to a full recovery within six weeks. Dr. Passaretti's skill and expertise with this procedure will help minimize visible scarring. Patients will experience the results in different ways; increased sexual pleasure, comfort in daily activity, and a shot of confidence knowing that your most intimate area looks youthful and refreshed.

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Labiaplasty FAQs

The reason to consider getting a labiaplasty will vary from person to person, but it typically comes down to aesthetics, comfort, and pain relief. Some women will choose to try and rejuvenate the area as they age or following childbirth, while others seek to minimize pain or discomfort they've been feeling because of asymmetry or imperfections.

Labiaplasty costs include the procedure, the time, and the costs associated with any anesthesia being used. It is typically not covered by insurance because it is an elective cosmetic procedure. Dr. Passaretti offers a variety of financing options for patients.

In many cases, a labiaplasty will do just the opposite. Labiaplasty can help improve sexual pleasure, and studies show that most labiaplasty procedures do not result in the loss of feeling or sensation.

While many labiaplasty procedures are elective, there are times when they can be medically necessary and can improve a woman's health or quality of life. Labial overgrowth can be one reason a labiaplasty is medically necessary, but women should consult with their gynecologist beforehand to determine whether the procedure would be medically necessary.

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