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Fat Transfer for Facial Rejuvenation: The Basics and the Benefits

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A woman by a window smilingFat transfer is a procedure that involves the removal of fat from one part of the body and the injection of that fat into another part of the body. In the process, the injection site becomes fuller, plumper, and more appealing thanks to the added volume. Fat transfer is also known as micolipoinjection and fat grafting.

In essence, fat transfer works on similar principles as dermal filler injections. The difference is that instead of cosmetic solutions, fat transfer uses a patient's own body fat. The team at our Fairfield cosmetic surgery center covers the basics and the benefits of fat transfer below.

A Little Bit of Liposuction as Part of the Process

To extract the fat needed for the fat transfer procedure, liposuction will be performed. Typically the liposuction targets the love handles and lower abdomen since fat tends to accumulate there in men and women. The fat is then carefully purified through the use of a centrifuge, isolating fat cells for the injection process.

This is one of the key benefits of fat transfer process for facial rejuvenation. In addition to eliminating wrinkles and lines, patients also get to have a little bit of fat removed as well. This is great if there's some stubborn body fat remaining that doesn't respond to diet or exercise.

Ideal Candidates for Fat Transfer

Good candidates for fat transfer for wrinkle reduction are people who would like to look younger without the need for a facial lift surgery. These patients should have unwanted static lines and folds on their face. Candidates for fat transfer should also have a little bit of unwanted body fat that can be removed as part of the process.

What to Expect During Fat Transfer Treatment

Liposuction is performed on specified areas of the body, from which the fat will be taken. After the fat cells are properly isolated and purified, the fat is then injected back into the face of the patient to address various kinds of static wrinkles or hollows in the face.

Following fat transfer treatment, patients are often able to return to work about one week after the procedure is completed. Bruising and swelling around the area where liposuction was performed is not uncommon. Pain relievers may be recommended to help address any undue discomfort experienced as part of the recovery process. Normal activities can be resumed roughly two weeks after the procedure has been completed.

Will Some of the Fat Be Absorbed or Lost After Treatment?

Yes, but not all of it. This is simply the nature of treatment and to be expected. Since some of the fat may be reabsorbed, an additional touch-up treatment is scheduled at a later time to help even out and prolong the results of treatment.

The Results of Fat Transfer

The results of fat transfer can be quite dramatic. Many patients look years younger thanks to the injection treatment. Since a patient's won fat is used, there is no issue with allergic reactions or other adverse effects. Thanks to the select amount of liposuction performed, patients may look a little trimmer and slimmer than they did before.

Learn More About Your Facial Rejuvenation Options

If you would like to learn more about fat transfer injections and your many other options for advanced anti-aging treatment, be sure to contact an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon. We look forward to your visit and discussing cosmetic enhancement matters in much greater detail.

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