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Mommy Makeover Package - What Can it Include?

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Mom with a slim, attractive figureThere are few things that change the body as quickly or significantly as pregnancy. While there are enormous joys that come with motherhood, these physical changes are usually not considered to be one of them.

After a woman has given birth, the body often does not bounce back the way one would hope. Even with diet and exercise, loose skin and stubborn fat deposits can leave the figure permanently altered. Plastic surgeon David Passaretti offers mommy makeover treatment to improve body contours.

Depending on our Darien, CT, and Fairfield County patients’ needs, mommy makeover treatment can include various plastic surgery procedures.

Tummy Tuck

The midsection sees the greatest changes during pregnancy. As the stomach expands to accommodate a growing baby, the skin loosens, and in many cases the skin does not tighten back up after birth. Common complaints after pregnancy include stretch marks, weakened abdominal muscles, and a pouch of skin along the lower abdomen. Fortunately, a tummy tuck can address all of these concerns.

During tummy tuck surgery, loose skin and tissues are removed from the midsection so that the skin can be re-draped to create a tighter and more toned tummy. Since excess skin is removed, this procedure eliminates the appearance of stretch marks. Before closing the incisions, Dr. Passaretti repairs stretched abdominal muscles to further tone the stomach.


During pregnancy, a mother’s body is providing all of the nutritional support that her child needs. As an act of preservation, the body typically responds by increasing its stores of fat. Unfortunately, after the pregnancy is over, this fat is not always easily shed. Even if a woman diets and exercises, she may be left with unwanted fat deposits.

Liposuction is often included in mommy makeover treatment to further tone and sculpt the body for our Fairfield County patients. Liposuction treatment breaks up fat deposits so that they can be removed from the body for good. Liposuction treatment can be performed on the stomach, hips, thighs, or buttocks to improve body contours after pregnancy.

Breast Lift

The breasts are second only to the stomach when it comes to physical changes during pregnancy. The breasts often swell during pregnancy, and then again shortly after birth when the mother’s milk comes in. Once a woman has given birth and is done breast feeding, the breasts are likely to lose volume. When this volume is lost, stretched skin can leave the breasts looking saggy.

A breast lift eliminates excess tissues from the bustline to give patients a lift. Breast lift surgery improves the position of the breasts and gives our patients a perky and youthful looking bustline that more closely resembles their pre-pregnancy figure.

Breast Augmentation

Many women are satisfied with a breast lift after pregnancy, but some women choose to include breast augmentation in their mommy makeover package. Breast augmentation also addresses loose or deflated breasts, but it involves the placement of breast implants. Breast implants can restore volume that is lost during pregnancy, or give our patients the fuller bustline they have always desired.

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