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Laser Hand Rejuvenation

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A woman's handsSun damage takes its toll on so many parts of the body, even ones you might take for granted. We often think of the sun’s effects on the face, of course, but the backs of your hands should also be in the conversation. Over time, this sun exposure can take its toll, leading to wrinkles, spots, and visible veins and tendons. Thankfully, Dr. David Passaretti offers advanced hand rejuvenation techniques at his Darien, CT practice serving the Fairfield County area.

We want to focus on laser hand rejuvenation in particular, which has a number of benefits worth considering. It may be the ideal way to start looking younger and more refreshed in the new year.

The Effects of the Aging Process on Your Hands

As we get older, different parts of our body show the effects of age. We tend to think of wrinkles on the face and the sagging of our stomachs and chest area. This is often due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. Yet the hands can also show signs of the aging process as a result of changes to collagen and elastin.

Some common signs of aging on the hands includes:

  • Age spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Loose skin
  • Thin skin
  • Visible veins and tendons
  • Changes in skin texture
  • Uneven pigmentation

How Laser Hand Rejuvenation Works

Laser hand rejuvenation is a non-surgical cosmetic enhancement process that can revitalize the appearance of the hands. It exposes the skin of the hands to Broad Band Light (BBL), which had two key benefits. The BBL will help address surface imperfections of the hands, such as wrinkles, uneven skin texture and pigment, and age spots. In addition, the heat from the BBL helps promote collagen and elastin production in the underlying layers of skin, which can improve the texture and suppleness of the skin of the hands.

Ideal Candidates for Laser Hand Rejuvenation

The best candidates for laser hand rejuvenation are people who’ve experienced serious sun damage to their hands as a result of the aging process. Since the procedure is non-surgical, many people will be able to undergo laser hand rejuvenation without any risk to overall wellness or health.

The Laser Hand Rejuvenation Procedure

During laser hand rejuvenation, a topical anesthetic is applied to the hands to reduce discomfort during treatment. The handheld laser light device is then moved over the hands so the BBL can treat the topmost layer of skin and penetrate into the lower layers of the skin.

The overall length of a session will be about 30 minutes to an hour depending on the needs of the patient. Multiple sessions spaced a few weeks apart are scheduled in order to achieve the optimal cosmetic results.

Other Options for Enhancing the Appearance of Your Hands

In addition to laser rejuvenation for the hands, there are other options to consider. The use of chemical peels can help improve the surface of the skin of the hands. Dermal filler injections can temporarily enhance volume of the hands as well. For a more invasive treatment, fat transfer injections can achieve lasting volume enhancement to the hand area.

We can discuss all of these treatment options in much greater detail during your visit to the practice. We look forward to seeing you.

Learn More About Laser Hand Rejuvenation

If you live in Fairfield County and would like more information about anti-aging options, be sure to contact a board certified plastic surgeon and skin care expert. You can reach our office in Darien by calling (203) 884-8753.

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