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Tummy Tuck Scars: What to Expect

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Image shows scar placement for mini and full tummy tuckTummy tuck surgery can tighten the skin on the abdomen to improve body contours, but the procedure does cause scarring. Dr. David Passaretti will take steps to minimize the appearance of scars during your tummy tuck surgery at our surgical center in. Even when careful steps are taken, visible scars will remain.

Over the course of your recovery, you can take steps to minimize the appearance of tummy tuck scars. Our Fairfield County plastic surgery center serves adults throughout Darien, CT, Fairfield County, CT, and surrounding areas.

What Will My Scars Look Like?

Depending on the placement of the incisions, your scar will have a V or U shape on your lower abdomen. Typically, there is a horizontal incision that is made to access the tissue near the stomach.

Dr. Passaretti will take steps to minimize the visibility of your scar. The placement of your incisions will be carefully planned before your surgery.

During your consultation, patients can ask Dr. Passaretti questions about scarring. We encourage patients to come with a list of questions that they may have. By bringing bikini bottoms or undergarments to your appointment, you can gain a clear understanding of where the scar will lie in relation to your bikini or panty line.

Reducing the Appearance of Scars

Dr. Passaretti will provide advice on the steps that should be taken before and after your surgery to reduce or eliminate the appearance of scars.

Other useful tips include:

  • Avoid excessive sunlight and use SPF 30 sunscreen once your incisions heal
  • Tobacco users should refrain from smoking for a set period of time before surgery, and refrain from smoking for several weeks after surgery
  • Eat a nutritious diet
  • Refrain from strenuous activity for several weeks after surgery; It is critical to take steps to prevent excessive force or motion to your surgical incisions
  • Avoid body contortions that can stress your abdomen
  • Apply topical vitamin E (once a day for one month)

It is important to note that immediately after surgery, the scar will be more prominent. Swelling around the scar should be expected. The appearance of the abdomen and scars will continue to improve for several months after surgery.

Consult Dr. Passaretti for specific advice about over-the-counter products to reduce scarring. Remember that use of these products should be avoided until the incision have completely closed over to reduce the risk of infection.

Your scars will noticeably subside within a few months after surgery. It may take up to several months for the scars to fade as much as it will.

Report the Signs of Infection

Patients should watch for the signs of infection. Elevated body temperature, unexpected pain, or excessive bleeding should all be reported to our office as soon as possible.

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One of the best ways to lower your risk of prominent scars is to work with a respected, established, and board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Passaretti. To schedule your next appointment, please contact our office online or call (203) 656-9999.

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