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Massage after Breast Augmentation: Tips for Recovery

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Silhouette of women performing breast massageIndividuals who want to enhance the shape, size, or appearance of their breasts can benefit from a breast augmentation procedure at our Darien, CT, practice. To promote proper healing, Connecticut cosmetic surgeon, Dr. David Passaretti recommends massage after breast augmentation. Practicing these techniques can help reduce the risk of post-surgical complications, including capsular contracture, a condition characterized by scar tissue around the breast implant.

The Importance of Post-op Massage

Following your breast augmentation, you will be given a list of post-operative instructions to help you enjoy a successful recovery. Breast massage is another important aspect of aftercare. The benefits of this practice are twofold.

First, breast massage after augmentation helps reduce post-surgical swelling. Second, this practice helps gently maneuver the implants into their proper positions.

In addition, it helps keep the breasts soft and natural-looking. Most importantly, breast massage keeps the implant “pockets” slightly larger than the implants. Experts believe that this helps lower the risk of capsular contracture.

Breast Massage Techniques

First of all, it is important to discuss any massage techniques with your doctor. Every patient is unique, and your medical team can give you advice that is tailored to your needs. That being said, here are some general guidelines you may find helpful:

  • Placing your hands on the outside of each breast, push them gently toward the midline. Hold for a few seconds, then repeat.
  • Cupping your hands over your breasts, carefully push them downward. Hold for a few seconds, release, then repeat.
  • Placing both hands on each side of one breast, squeeze. Your grasp should be firm but not painful. Repeat this exercise on the other breast.
  • Hold onto your left shoulder with your right hand so that your elbow applies pressure to your breast. Hold for a few moments, then release and repeat on the other side.

How Often Should I Massage after Breast Augmentation?

Although specific guidelines may vary, our team in Darien advise frequent and consistent breast massage after augmentation. Here are a few general recommendations:

  • First month after surgery: Massage the breasts at least three times every day.
  • Second month after surgery: Practice the recommended massage techniques at least twice every day.
  • Three months and beyond: Massage the breasts at least once every day for the remaining lifespan of your implants.

Practicing these techniques “forever” can sound daunting. But all it takes is a few minutes in the shower each day. Once the breasts have softened, the massage techniques become more simplified.

Are There Risks?

Though we recommend discussing the techniques with your surgeon, there are no risks associated with breast massage. However, there are plenty of potential benefits. Breast massage does not guarantee that you will not develop capsular contracture, but it significantly reduces the risk and gives you the best chance for long-term success.

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