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Arm Lift Recovery in Fairfield County, CT

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Typically, full recovery after an arm lift procedure will last several weeks, but patients should be able to return to work within one to two weeks following surgery. To ensure the best possible results, it is critical to follow proper guidelines during the healing process, which may involve wearing compression garments and keeping the arms elevated. Dr. David Passaretti can closely monitor your arm lift recovery during subsequent appointments at his Darien, CT practice, ensuring you are progressing smoothly. We can also provide you with detailed instructions regarding at-home care and your treatment timeline to ensure you feel confident in our services.

Arm Lift Recovery

While you will be able to return home the day of surgery, it is important to follow our care instructions to ensure proper healing. For the first few hours, you should only drink fluids. Nausea and vomiting are common due to the side effects of sedation. As such, you should gradually add small, light meals as the day progresses.

With Dr. Passaretti's meticulous technique and gentle tissue handling, the procedure is performed drainless with no use of surgical drains. In addition, you will have to wear compression bandages for a few weeks. Their gentle pressure will help to reduce bruising and swelling.

While it is important to get plenty of rest, we do recommend short, slow walks around the house to keep blood flowing and promote healing. It is advisable to have a friend or loved one stay with you for the first 24 hours following arm lift surgery. They can drive you to and from your appointment, help prepare meals, and complete routine tasks.

During recovery, you may experience some swelling, bruising, and inflammation. While most discomfort should subside within the first 48 hours, Dr. Passaretti can prescribe oral medications to help manage pain in the interim.

Recovery Timeline

In most cases, you will be able to return to work in one to two weeks, and you can resume driving in about 10 days. In addition, swelling should gradually diminish over the first two weeks. To encourage healing, you should keep your arms elevated with pillows, especially while sleeping. Usually, you can resume exercise in about one month. However, you should not engage in heavy lifting, running, and other high-impact exercises for about six weeks. During your follow-up visits, Dr. Passaretti can review your recovery timeline and advise you as to when it is safe to return to regular activities.

Reducing Your Surgical Risks

While serious arm lift complications are rare, it is critical to adhere to proper post-surgical guidelines to help ensure a smooth recovery. Most importantly, you should schedule follow-up appointments beginning one week after surgery, at which time Dr. Passaretti can remove your stitches and review your progress. About four weeks after surgery, you should schedule a second visit, so we can provide updated at-home care instructions and ensure there are no signs of complications.

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