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Thigh Lift Recovery in Fairfield County, CT

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Many patients choose to tighten and tone their legs with a personalized thigh lift procedure. The best way to ensure a smooth recovery after a thigh lift is to follow all postoperative directions and attend scheduled follow-up appointments. You will need to get plenty of rest and have a caretaker help you with many of your daily activities for at least the first week. Prior to treatment at his facility in Darien, CT, Dr. David Passaretti can provide patients with detailed instructions for a safe thigh lift recovery. He can review how to properly care for your surgical sites and recommend appropriate medication to aid in healing.*

Expected Recovery Timeline

While every recovery process is different, there is a typical recovery timeline most patients can expect after a thigh lift. Throughout this process, you will have periodic follow-up visits with Connecticut thigh lift recovery provider, Dr. Passaretti, to monitor your progress and maintain your surgical sites.

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Thigh Lift Recovery Directly after Surgery

When your procedure is complete, Dr. Passaretti may bandage your incisions to prevent blood and fluid from accumulating around the surgical site. He may also provide you with a compression garment intended to hold your incisions in place and reduce swelling. You will need to stay in the office until your anesthesia has worn off completely. With Dr. Passaretti's meticulous technique and gentle tissue handling, the procedure is performed drainless with no use of surgical drains.

During your thigh lift recovery, we can provide you with detailed instructions about caring for your incisions and taking your medications. You should make sure to have a friend or loved one take you to and from your surgery, as well as stay with you for the first week or so. If at any point during your recovery you experience shortness of breath, chest pain, or unusual heartbeats, you should seek medical help immediately.

First 48 Hours

Your caretaker will need to help you with regular activities like making food and going to the bathroom. To manage swelling and bruising, you can apply ice packs for twenty-minute increments. During the first 24 hours, rest is very important. You should not climb stairs, squat, or perform any strenuous activities.

However, taking short walks around your home keeps blood circulating which can accelerate recovery. After two days, you may shower. You will need to remove your compression garment and bandages carefully to wash your thighs. It is important to be gentle, as your incisions are still healing.

One Week After Surgery

You should attend your first follow-up appointment with Dr. Passaretti about a week after your procedure. He can examine your thighs and discuss any questions you have. Depending on your rate of healing, he may remove your sutures. At this point, you probably no longer need a caretaker, although you may still need help caring for any children. If you underwent any other body contouring treatments, including tummy tucks, liposuction, and arm lifts, this initial recovery may be longer as your body heals in multiple areas.

Two to Three Weeks Later

At the two to three week mark, many patients can return to work and begin carefully sitting on their thighs, often with the help of pillows. You should still wear your compression garment at all times, except when washing or changing your bandages.

Dr. Passaretti may clear you for gentle exercise and driving. Your scars may seem more pronounced or red at this point, but they will start to fade in the following weeks and months. While you may begin exposing your thighs to sunlight two to three months after surgery, waiting longer can allow the skin to heal further and scars to fade better.

After One Month

With Dr. Passaretti’s approval, you may be able to stop wearing your compression garment approximately one month to six weeks after surgery. Your swelling and bruising should subside. If not, contact our office right away as it may signal a complication. Six to eight weeks after surgery, you can begin lifting items over five pounds. Dr. Passaretti may also clear you to resume your regular exercise regime.*

While you may begin exposing your thighs to sunlight two to three months after surgery, waiting longer can allow the skin to heal further and scars to fade better. Sun exposure can exacerbate scarring, so be sure to wear at least SPF 15 sunscreen whenever your incision sites are exposed. *

Refine Your Upper Legs

Thigh lifts can provide dramatic results for patients with sagging skin and excess fat in their upper legs. Contact our office online or call (203) 884-8797 to schedule a consultation today and find out what a board-certified plastic surgeon can do for you.*

If you are considering plastic surgery in Darien, CT, or anywhere around Fairfield County, contact us to schedule a one-on-one consultation with top plastic surgeon Dr. Passaretti.

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