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Breast Augmentation Complications Fairfield County Plastic Surgeon Dr. Passaretti

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Because Dr. David Passaretti has years of experience in breast augmentation and related procedures, breast augmentation complications are rare when you visit our Darien, CT, practice. In addition, he operates out of his own Fairfield County plastic surgery facility, where he can carefully monitor safety protocols and patient comfort. While all surgeries carry some degree of risk, Dr. Passaretti's extensive experience and clinical excellence mitigates many of the risks inherent to the procedure. In unusual cases, you could suffer an infection, capsular contracture, or numbness. When you choose Dr. Passaretti and follow his post-operative instructions precisely, your recovery risks will be dramatically reduced.

Submuscular Placement

Patients considering breast surgery should be aware of several possible risks including:

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture occurs when your body rejects the implant. As a result, the capsule of tissue around it will tighten. There are various grades of capsular contracture. In less serious cases, your breast may harden and you may be able to feel the implant inside. In the most severe instances, you could suffer from significant discomfort and breast distortion.


All types of breast augmentation will result in some scarring. However, Dr. Passaretti can place incisions in the natural curves of your breast where the scars will be nearly impossible to see.

While all surgeries carry some degree of risk, Dr. Passaretti's extensive experience and clinical excellence mitigates many of the risks inherent to breast augmentation.


Breast augmentation can affect the nerves, leading to numbness in the nipples. In most cases, this side effect is temporary. However, it may take several months for full sensation to return.


An infection can cause inflammation, redness, and discharge. A staph infection is the most likely type of infection. Fortunately, antibiotics can eliminate most moderate infections.


Depending on your particular healing process, your breasts may be uneven after surgery. Most asymmetry is so minor it is not a major concern. Nonetheless, your doctor can correct pronounced unevenness through a revision procedure.


A hematoma develops when blood pools just beneath the skin. This can cause swelling and discomfort. Typically, your doctor can treat the problem by draining the area.

We understand patients may have additional concerns. For example, some women may have heard certain types of implants can cause lymphoma. Dr. Passaretti can address this and other questions about complications in our office.

Reducing the Risks of Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation complications are quite rare. The likelihood of developing an infection within a year of the procedure is less than one percent. You can, however, follow certain steps to further reduce your risks. The most important measure is to choose a qualified plastic surgeon. Dr. Passaretti has performed countless breast augmentation procedures over the years. With his background in advanced reconstructive techniques, he has a detailed knowledge of the anatomy of the breast. He operates with extreme precision, avoiding nerve damage and impact to the surrounding tissues.

Additionally, your surgery will take place in our state-of-the-art surgical center, where we maintain impeccable safety and sterilization standards. All of our staff members are highly trained and we employ top-of-the line equipment. Dr. Passaretti will also provide follow-up appointments and personalized guidance for your recovery. He will show you how to change your bandages, and he will advise you on when you can return to work and a regular exercise routine. When you follow his specific directions, you can reduce the risk of infection and help to ensure beautiful results.

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Call our office at (203) 656-9999 or contact us online to learn more about the risks involved in breast augmentation procedures. Dr. Passaretti can explain the complications that may arise and how he can prevent them, ultimately safeguarding your health.

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