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Understanding Breast Lift Scar Revision Surgery in Darien

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Dr. David Passaretti understands how much of an impact visible scarring can have on a woman's confidence. Although the goal of all cosmetic surgeries is to minimize scarring, it can still occur for a number of reasons. When large, noticeable scars occur after a breast lift, it is not usually due to the nature of the surgery. Instead, visible breast lift scarring often occurs because of excessive tension on the skin of the breasts.

To reduce the appearance of scarring from a breast lift procedure, we proudly offer breast lift scar revision surgery at our Darien, CT, practice. During the procedure, Dr. Passaretti will remove the scars and ensure the new incisions are closed properly. To learn more about our approach to breast lift scar revision, contact our office and schedule an appointment today.

Causes of Visible Scarring after a Breast Lift

A breast lift requires precise surgical techniques to minimize scarring. Unfortunately, when it is performed improperly, breast lift procedures – particularly those that utilize an anchor incision – can result in visible scars because there is too much tension on the skin of the breast. In order to minimize visible scarring in a breast lift procedure, all of the tension on the breast should be supported by underlying tissues, rather than the skin of the breast. If you have previously undergone a mastopexy that resulted in significant scarring, Dr. Passaretti can help.

Visible Breast Lift Scar Revision
Correcting Breast Lift Scaring

Correcting Breast Lift Scarring

Breast lift scar revision surgery is performed in much the same way as a traditional mastopexy. To ensure your safety and comfort, your breast lift scar revision surgery will be performed at our advanced operating facility. Dr. Passaretti will begin by removing scars from your original procedure and a small amount of the surrounding skin. Next, he will lift the flaps of breast tissue and reposition them before securing the fascia tightly. Properly draping skin over the underlying tissue is crucial to help ensure minimal scarring. The skin should be naturally draped over the breast and not pulled tight.

Dr. Passaretti's surgical skill and extensive experience allow him to perform this procedure with great accuracy. After the new incisions are closed and surgery is complete, patients should have an area of raised skin along the incision, which will dissipate over time and result in minimal scarring. Patients can expect a recovery period lasting several days to a couple of weeks, during which time they should avoid any strenuous activities. We can help you plan for the procedure and recovery during a personal consultation.

Learn More During a Consultation

Dr. Passaretti has extensive experience with breast lift scar revision and believes strongly that every patient who visits his plastic surgery practice deserves to have treatment customized to fit his or her unique needs. Our state-of-the-art Fairfield County plastic surgery facilities and skilled staff allow us to perform procedures with minimal scarring. If you have experienced excessive scarring after a breast lift, we can perform revision surgery to help you regain your confidence. Reach out to our practice to learn more.

If you are considering plastic surgery in Darien, CT, or anywhere around Fairfield County, contact us to schedule a one-on-one consultation with top plastic surgeon Dr. Passaretti.

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