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Standard Breast Lift in Fairfield County, Connecticut

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A woman's breasts can sag with age, as a result of weight loss, after pregnancy, or simply due to genetic predisposition. Sagging breasts can have a significant impact on your appearance, but breast lift surgery can restore their firmness and youthful contouring.

The type of breast lift that is right for you depends on your breast and nipple size, the degree of sagging, and amount of excess tissue present. Dr. David Passaretti performs several types of breast lift surgery to help meet patients' varied needs. The most common type of breast lift is performed using the anchor technique. This standard technique allows for the most substantial amount of lift compared to other types of breast lift surgery. To learn more about standard breast lift surgery, contact Dr. Passaretti's Darien, CT office today.

About Standard Breast Lift Surgery

Standard breast lift surgery is referred to as the "anchor" technique because the surgical incisions resemble an anchor shape. During the procedure, Dr. Passaretti will first create a circular incision around your nipple. This incision will be vertically extended down the length of the breast. Lastly, he will create a horizontal incision in the crease below the breast.

Through these incisions, Dr. Passaretti can access all areas of the breast for optimal lift. During the procedure, he will reshape the skin and fat of the breast to achieve a firmer, better contoured shape. He will excise any excess tissue, redrape the skin, and suture the incisions closed. During standard breast left surgery, Dr. Passaretti is also able to lift the nipple higher on the breast for a more youthful look.

Standard Breast Lift Fairfield County

Treatment Benefits

For some women, a doughnut mastopexy or laser breast lift cannot provide a satisfactory degree of lifting. The anchor technique is a wonderful option for women with substantial sagging on their breasts. Benefits of standard breast lift surgery include:

  • Substantial lifting for a more youthful, perky shape
  • Reduction of excess fat and skin that weigh down breasts and cause them to sag
  • The ability to move the placement of the nipple higher on the breast
  • Better-fitting clothing and bras
  • Increased confidence in your appearance

Women may also choose to undergo breast augmentation at the same time as a lift. Combining the two can restore lost volume and projection, which cannot be achieved from a stand-alone breast lift.

Choosing an Experienced Surgeon

To ensure your satisfaction in the results of your standard breast lift surgery, it is important to research your doctor's skill and training. Your surgeon should have extensive experience specifically performing anchor technique breast lifts. This procedure involves a substantial amount of tissue manipulation and complex incisions, so it must be executed with great precision and an artistic eye. When you undergo surgery with Dr. Passaretti, you can rest assured your results will look natural and achieve your unique preferences.

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During your consultation, Fairfield County plastic surgeon Dr. Passaretti will evaluate your condition, discuss your concerns and goals, and recommend the breast lift technique that is best for you. To learn more, contact our office and schedule an appointment today.

If you are considering plastic surgery in Darien, CT, or anywhere around Fairfield County, contact us to schedule a one-on-one consultation with top plastic surgeon Dr. Passaretti.

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