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Breast Bioengineering with Tissue Expansion, Implants, and Allodermin Darien

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Dr. David Passaretti uses the latest implants and tissue expansion techniques to help his Darien and Fairfield County, Connecticut patients achieve a beautiful and natural-looking breast reconstruction. In the past, breast reconstruction procedures relied on harvesting donor tissue from other parts of the body, which produced unfavorable scarring, long recovery times, and results that did not look entirely natural. However, new techniques involving tissue expanders, silicone breast implants, fat transfer, and tissue regeneration with Alloderm are helping Dr. Passaretti's patients to achieve a soft, incredibly natural look with less scarring and less recovery.

These new techniques have so radically improved the results of implant based reconstructions that harvesting donor tissue is rarely needed. In fact, Female Plastic Surgeons, when asked to choose the techniques they would want themselves, choose tissue expanders nine out of ten times. Dr. Passaretti works with the best breast surgeons at Stamford, Norwalk, and Greenwich Hospitals, using his ten years of experience to give his patients the best and safest reconstruction possible. If you have had radiation therapy in the past, this technique may not be right for you. Visit our Scarless Back Flap page to learn about other options. Contact us today to learn more.

Dr. Passaretti's Bioengineering Technique and Alloderm

The use of tissue expansion and implants can produce astounding results, but Dr. Passaretti has introduced his own variation on these techniques that he calls "breast bioengineering." This involves the use of modern tissue expanders, breast implants, fat transfer, and a regenerative tissue matrix known as Alloderm. This biological scaffolding actually allows your own tissue to grow into it, then becomes permanently integrated into the body.

The regenerated tissue, naturally fused to the patient's existing tissue, sets the stage for the final reconstruction. Dr. Passaretti realized the incredible advantages to using Alloderm in 2004 and was one of it's earliest adopters. He has used Alloderm to create over 500 soft, natural breast reconstructions for his patients. This huge experience helps him to ensure that you will get the best possible result with the least risk.

Tissue Expansion and Implants Darien & Fairfield County

How it Works

During a mastectomy all of the breast tissue is removed, leaving behind a thin envelope of your own breast skin. Dr. Passaretti works closely with your breast surgeon to design your mastectomy and incisions for the best possible cosmetic result. His long and close relationships with the leading breast surgeons in the area allows an integrated, team approach, ensuring you the best care.

Immediately following your mastectomy, Dr. Passaretti will elevate your chest muscle and use this in conjunction with Alloderm to create a sling or pocket to hold your tissue expander in place. Your own breast skin is then gently redraped around the new breast, minimizing stress and tension. Tissue expanders are temporary, adjustable implants that help prepare the tissue for the final reconstruction by acting as a mold for your new breast. Once positioned under the pectoral muscle, tissue expanders are gradually inflated over a period of two to four weeks as swelling from the surgery subsides and your tissue recovers. As the tissues fuse, regenerate, and heal together, they will adopt the new shape of the tissue expander.

These devices can also gradually stretch the skin and make room for larger implants if the patient desires. This method can also keep the nipple and areola intact during mastectomy to improve the overall outcome. In some cases, "nipple preservation" has provided a result so natural, it's hard to tell the breast was ever altered.

After the skin and soft tissue has stabilized, the tissue expander is removed during a small out-patient procedure and replaced with a permanent breast implant. As a final step, many patients will benefit from fat grafting. During this small outpatient procedure, fat is harvested from the abdomen and lower body through small 3 mm incisions. The fat is then injected into and around the breast. As your own tissue grows into the breast it helps to create soft, smooth, and natural contours. Combining all of these treatments, Dr. Passaretti is able to "bioengineer" a very soft, natural-looking breast and bust contour. Tissue expanders, unlike when tissue is harvested from other areas of the patient's body, require less time in the operating room, less time spent recovering, and leaves no unattractive donor site scars.

Life-changing Benefits of Expert Breast Reconstruction

Patients who have undergone the tissue expansion method of breast reconstruction have been thrilled with the benefits they have experienced. Traditional reconstructive surgery can take an incredible emotional and physical toll, but the tissue expansion method is less invasive, and provides incredibly natural-looking results. Many patients say that they feel whole and beautiful at the completion of their treatment.

Learn More about Tissue Expansion and Implants

When a woman experiences breast cancer, or trauma that results in the loss of one or both breasts, it can be emotionally devastating. We are proud to offer women today's most advanced solutions for rebuilding the breasts and restoring self-confidence. To learn more about our highly sophisticated breast reconstruction techniques, contact our Fairfield County plastic surgery office today.

If you are considering plastic surgery in Darien, CT, or anywhere around Fairfield County, contact us to schedule a one-on-one consultation with top plastic surgeon Dr. Passaretti.

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