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Jawline Augmentationin Darien

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A well-defined jaw can add character to your facial profile. A square and broad jaw in men is highly desirable while in women, a well-defined jaw can add to their facial beauty and deliver a degree of gentle elegance. On the other hand, an undefined or weak jaw can make you look older or tired, and even give you a permanent grim facial appearance.

For people who want to enhance their facial profile, jawline augmentation surgery is a great option to improve their “weak” jawline. In fact, a substantial number of patients, which includes both men and women, come to Dr. Passaretti for their Connecticut jaw augmentation procedure with the expectation of getting a strong and well-defined jaw.

What Can Jawline Augmentation Do for Me?

Your jawline or jaw angle can give your facial profile a distinct definition and character. However, have a well-defined bone structure for an ideal jawline. In people with a weak jawline, jawline augmentation can help improve the width and the length of the jaw as well as the chin.

A jawline augmentation procedure can give greater definition to your soft tissue lines and effectively improve your facial profile. A strong and well-defined jawline can also make you age much better!

Jawline Augmentation Connecticut

“I would highly recommend Dr. Passaretti, he is pleasant, professional, and caring. He is very patient, answered all of my questions in detail. He is also very punctual, never more than a five-minute wait for my appointments. I am extremely pleased with my results. The staff is amazing, so kind & willing to help.”

Am I a Good Candidate for Jawline Augmentation?

If you are worried about your weak chin or your weak jawline and want a strong, masculine, or well-defined jawline, Dr. Passaretti offers some of the best jawline augmentation Connecticut can offer. You could be a good candidate for the procedure if you are older and are concerned about jowling, sagging in the neck area, or if you have deep wrinkles on the lower portion of your face and neck. The only specific criterion for undergoing a jawline augmentation procedure is that you should be in overall good health.

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