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Define Your Profile with Chin Surgery

If you are unhappy with the size or overall appearance of your chin, Dr. David Passaretti can help you achieve the beautifully contoured profile and jaw line you desire. By reducing or supplementing the underlying bone structure in your chin and jaw, Dr. Passaretti can significantly improve the balance of your features. Dr. Passaretti has the artistic skill and technical precision needed to achieve completely natural-looking results for this type of facial surgery. To learn more about whether you can benefit from chin surgery, contact Dr. Passaretti's Darien, CT, office today.

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Your Consultation

Before he recommends or approves you for any plastic surgery, Dr. Passaretti will sit down with you for a one-on-one consultation. It is important that you are upfront and specific with Dr. Passaretti about your goals for the procedure. After listening to your concerns, he will provide you with honest feedback and help you learn more about the results you can expect to achieve with chin surgery. After he understands what you dislike about your chin and how you would ideally like it to look, he can recommend treatment options.

If you have a recessive chin that creates the appearance of a double chin, he may recommend augmentation with an implant. If you feel that your chin is too wide or prominent, he may recommend that some bone is removed to soften your profile. Once Dr. Passaretti has determined you are a good candidate for the procedure, your surgery can be scheduled.

Chin Reduction Surgery

To reduce an overly large chin, Dr. Passaretti will create an incision within your mouth, where the inside of your bottom lip meets the gums below your teeth. Through this incision, Dr. Passaretti will access the front portion of your lower jaw and carefully ablate some bone tissue. Even a minimal adjustment can make a substantial difference in the appearance of your chin and jaw line. If necessary, Dr. Passaretti may also remove or reshape some fat tissue from the front of your chin. Once he has recontoured the hard and soft tissue in your chin, Dr. Passaretti will carefully stitch the incision closed.

Chin Augmentation Surgery

To augment your chin, Dr. Passaretti may recommend a chin implant. If you feel that your chin lacks definition, this small, biocompatible implant will add volume to it. Chin implants not only create definition in the chin itself, but will also add contouring to your whole jaw line. Dr. Passaretti inserts chin implants through the same type of incision as the reduction procedure.

For both chin reduction and augmentation cases, Dr. Passaretti may recommend combining liposuction with your surgery. By removing small deposits of fat around your neck, chin, and jaw line, he is able to highlight your natural bone structure and create a more taut, lifted appearance.

Make an Appointment

Dr. Passaretti operates in a fully accredited private facility. Our entire team adheres to the strictest safety practices and is always focused on your comfort and satisfaction. To learn more about chin surgery and schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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