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Chin Surgery in Fairfield County, Connecticut

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If you are unhappy with the size, shape, or overall appearance of your chin, Dr. David Passaretti can refine your jawbone for an enhanced profile. By reducing or supplementing the underlying bone structure during chin surgery, the doctor can better balance your facial features. Voted a "Top Doctor" by Connecticut magazine, Dr. Passaretti combines artistic skill and technical precision to achieve natural-looking, results at his practice in Darien, CT.

Your One-on-One Consultation

Before recommending or approving you for any cosmetic procedure, Dr. Passaretti will sit down with you for an in-depth consultation. You are encouraged to be honest and specific about your desired goals for the procedure so that Dr. Passaretti can design a surgery that addresses your unique needs. Based on your concerns, Dr. Passaretti can determine whether chin surgery is the right cosmetic procedure for you and explain what results you can expect.

A customized chin surgery can address more than just the chin. Typically, he will either recommend patients for a reduction or augmentation. A reduction is most appropriate for patients who feel their chin is too wide or too prominent or that their jaw lacks definition.

An augmentation is often a good option for those who feel their chin recedes too much. A customized chin surgery can address more than just the chin, however. Patients may also benefit if they are unhappy with:

  • A nose that appears too large due to a small chin
  • A neck that appears fleshy due to an under-pronounced chin
  • An overall aged or overweight appearance due to small chin

Once Dr. Passaretti has determined that chin surgery is appropriate to your goals, we can schedule the actual procedure. However, it is important that you maintain realistic expectations. Although addressing cosmetic concerns in your chin can help you enhance your overall facial features, you may need to combine it with other procedures for more dramatic outcomes.

Preparing for Surgery

For both chin reduction and augmentation surgery, you must be in good overall health. As with any surgical procedure, patients should avoid taking blood thinners such as aspirin or ibuprofen in the days leading up to the appointment to minimize the risk of bleeding. If you smoke, you will also need to stop doing so at least two weeks before the procedure to promote healing.

Additionally, because medications such as Accutane® and anticoagulants can negatively affect bone growth and healing, you should alert Dr. Passaretti if you have recently been prescribed with either. If you are nervous about surgery, Dr. Passaretti can recommend intravenous (IV) sedation in addition to local anesthesia. IV sedation can calm you during surgery and ensure that you have little recollection of the procedure.

Reduction vs. Augmentation Surgery

While the specifics of the surgery will vary depending on which treatment is best suited to your goals, both chin reduction and augmentation are performed in similar ways. The biggest difference is the outcome.

Chin Reduction

To reduce an overly large chin, Dr. Passaretti will create an incision where the inside of your bottom lip meets the gums, just below your teeth. Through this opening, he can access the front portion of your lower jaw and carefully remove a conservative amount of bone tissue.

Even a minimal adjustment can make a substantial aesthetic difference for your chin and jawline. If necessary, Dr. Passaretti may also remove or reshape some fat tissue from the front of your chin to further reduce its size. Once he has contoured the hard and soft tissue in your chin, Dr. Passaretti will carefully stitch the incision closed. As there is no artificial tissue is added, the results are typically natural-looking and balanced.

Chin Augmentation

To augment your chin, Dr. Passaretti may recommend a chin implant. This small, biocompatible implant subtly adds volume and restores balance to your features. We use preformed, customized chin implants designed to fit securely over your chin like a sports helmet chin guard.

These implants not only create definition in the chin itself, but can also naturally redefine your entire jawline. Dr. Passaretti can insert a chin implant through a discreet incision on the inside of your mouth and suture it into place. The entire procedure lasts about 45 minutes to two hours. Bruising and swelling are common during the first few days after surgery, but your results should become clear as the swelling fades. For both chin reduction and augmentation, Dr. Passaretti may recommend combining your surgery with liposuction. By removing small deposits of fat around your neck, chin, and jawline, he is able to highlight your natural bone structure and create a more taut, lifted appearance.

Enjoy the Comprehensive Benefits

Thanks to the discreet incisions used inside of your mouth, chin surgery is a great way to enhance your profile and features without visible scarring. Chin surgery can also restore symmetry and proportion to your facial features, helping a nose or neck that previously appeared disproportionate look more balanced and symmetrical. When compared to other cosmetic procedures, chin surgery boasts a low risk of complications.

Chin Surgery Darien, CT & Fairfield County, CT

Redefine Your Jaw

Chin surgery is an appropriate surgery for both men and women who desire an enhanced profile and renewed symmetry with a minimal surgery and recovery time. Along with enhancement of your facial features, you can also enjoy a renewed sense of self-confidence following your surgery. Dr. Passaretti operates in a fully accredited private facility where you can enjoy privacy and state-of-the-art care. To learn more about chin surgery or to schedule a consultation, contact us online today or call our office at (203) 656-9999.

If you are considering plastic surgery in Darien, CT, or anywhere around Fairfield County, contact us to schedule a one-on-one consultation with top plastic surgeon Dr. Passaretti.

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