Cosmetic Mole Removal

Precision Mole Removal for Minimal Scarring

A beautiful young woman with long, light-brown hair smiles while standing outside.If you are considering having a mole removed for cosmetic purposes, you should choose a plastic surgeon who can remove it with minimal scarring. This is especially true if you wish to remove a mole from your face. Dr. David Passaretti has the experience and artistic technique necessary to remove the mole and suture your skin closed in a way that will be virtually unnoticeable. If you are considering mole removal, contact our Darien office today to schedule a consultation.

An Artfully Precise Approach

Most people have several moles. They develop during childhood, although some patients develop new moles in adulthood. Moles are caused by a clustering of melanin, which gives skin its color. Some moles can become more prominent with age and sun exposure.

The technique a plastic surgeon uses to remove an unsightly mole is of utmost importance to avoid scarring. Dr. Passaretti is a respected surgeon with teaching privileges at Columbia and Yale Universities. His many years of surgical experience have helped him hone his incision and suturing techniques. 

To remove a mole, Dr. Passaretti will use a localized anesthetic to prevent any patient discomfort. He uses a small incision to remove the mole, which is retained for biopsy. Dr. Passaretti sends every removed mole to a laboratory to ensure that they are not malignant.

Once the mole has been removed, Dr. Passaretti gently pulls the edges of the incision together and sutures them closed using a few stitches. Many local dermatologists recommend their patients to Dr. Passaretti because of his precise suturing technique. After the incision is closed, Dr. Pasaretti covers the wound with a bandage.

Mole Removal Aftercare

Patients can remove the bandaging covering their incision the day following surgery. The incision and stitches should be cleaned twice daily using a clean cotton swab and peroxide. Patients can replace the bandage in the days following surgery, or use an antibacterial ointment several times per day to protect the incision site and keep it moist. For the first week following surgery, it is important that patients avoid any strenuous physical activity.

Patients will visit with Dr. Passaretti again approximately a week after surgery, when he will remove the sutures and make sure the incision has properly healed. When healing is complete, patients can begin a regular scar massage routine, which helps stop the buildup of scar tissue. Scars should be kept out of the sun at all times, or covered with an SPF 30 sunscreen. This will help scars from looking discolored.

Mole Removal and Other Facial Treatments

Patients who have a mole removed from their face can choose to complement their treatment with other procedures offered through our practice. Dr. Passaretti offers a full line of procedures that can provide more even skin tone, reduce blemishes, and reduce lines and wrinkles. These include laser skin treatmentsBOTOX® Cosmetic injections, and more.

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To learn more about mole removal and other procedures Dr. Passaretti performs, contact our office today. We can schedule your consultation and create a customized treatment plan to help you reach your goals.

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