Lip Augmentation for a Sexier Smile

Lip augmentation can help you achieve full, voluptuous lips. Dr. David Passaretti offers non-surgical lip augmentation treatments at his Darien, CT, practice to give you plumper, fuller lips. To learn more about lip augmentation, contact our cosmetic surgery practice today.

Before and after lip augmentation
Lip augmentation can create a fuller, more feminine pout.

Injectable Treatment Options

Lip augmentation involves using injectable fillers to increase the size of the lips and enhance the look of the entire face. 

Juvederm Ultra XC

Juvederm Ultra XC is a thick hyaluronic dermal filler designed to deliver significant volume to your lips, lasting approximately six months. The filler contains a small amount of anesthetic, which reduces pain during injections. 

Restylane Silk

This is an FDA-approved treatment specifically for lips and the lines around them. This treatment is a dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid, a compound naturally produced by the body. Restylane Silk injections can create plump, firm, and reshaped lips, with results lasting for roughly six months

Collagen Injections

Collagen was the first filler approved by the FDA in 1981 for cosmetic injections. It is a very safe and reliable filler which produces smooth, natural results. Results, however, faded quickly, lasting on average only for two to three months. Newer hyaluronic acid based fillers such as Juvederm Ultra XC and Restylane Silk also provide very smooth and natural results. They last significantly longer, approximately six months, and have replaced collagen as the first line filler for lips.

Fat Injections

Fat grafting is a new technique that has come to the forefront of plastic surgery within the last decade as a result of improved technology. While fat grafting is a technique Dr. Passaretti routinely uses in the breast and other areas of the body, he generally prefers synthetic fillers such as Juvederm Ultra XC or Restylane Silk for the lips. There are two issues with fat injections. First, the fat may not survive the transplantation and can create permanent scarring and lumps in the lips. Secondly, the fat that does survive is permanent. What looks appropriate at the age of 40 may create a lack of balance and distortion at the age of 60, as the face ages. For these reasons, Dr. Passaretti generally recommends hyaluronic acid fillers for the lips. 

Silicone Injections

Silicone is a smooth synthetic material which is generally well tolerated by the body. It is used in all kinds of artificial devices including breast implants, pacemakers, and joint replacements. It showed early promise as a filler of lips. It has, however, been banned by the FDA as a cosmetic injection because of widespread complications involving migration, embolization of blood vessels, and permanent granuloma formation and scarring.

Woman undergoing lip augmentation
Dr. Passaretti can precisely plan injections to create the most natural-looking lip shape.

Lip Implants

These are generally small silicone sacs containing saline that is surgically placed into the lips. Likened to silicone injections, they have been shown to have significant complications, including infections and extrusions. Due to the rigidity, they also have a tendency to create a very unnatural look and feel. 

A Pleasant Experience

“Amazing place. Staff is so friendly and made me feel like I was at home. Dr. Passaretti is such a friendly, personable doctor who made me feel worry-free through the whole process. He is very skilled and my end result is fabulous.” Chiara R.

Are You a Candidate?

In order to qualify for lip augmentation, patients should be over the age of 18, in good overall health, and seeking to improve the shape, size, or volume of their lips. Patients will need to be over the age of 21 to qualify for certain injectable treatments. 

Which Option is Right for You?

To determine the type of lip injection that is right for you, we can review your unique characteristics and goals during a personal consultation. We can also take the time to answer questions regarding treatment and candidacy, as well as address any concerns.

Dr. Passaretti and staff
Our team can help you plan a personalized treatment that compliments your features for the most flattering results.

Plan Your Treatment 

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your lips, Dr. Passaretti can use lip augmentation injections to enhance your lips for a more attractive look. When you visit our practice, we will custom-tailor treatment according to your unique needs and goals. Contact our office today or call us at (203) 656-9999 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Passaretti.

Dr. Passaretti

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