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Correct the Results of a Past Surgery with Revision Rhinoplasty in Darien

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The nose is one of the most prominent features of the face. For this reason, performing a rhinoplasty that the patient is satisfied with can be one of the most challenging procedures for a cosmetic surgeon. Small aesthetic imperfections or difficulty breathing through their nose may cause a patient to seek secondary, or revisional, surgery.

Dr. David Passaretti is a gifted cosmetic surgeon that performs revision rhinoplasty procedures for patients in the Darien area. His training and skill have earned him recognition as a "Top Doctor" in Connecticut Magazine numerous times. Whether you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose after surgery, have since suffered a traumatic injury, or would like to improve your ability to breathe comfortably, Dr. Passaretti can help. To learn more about the procedure and how it can improve your quality of life, please contact our office to make an appointment with Dr. Passaretti.

Candidacy for Revision Rhinoplasty

In general, patients who are unhappy with the results of a previous rhinoplasty surgery can make excellent candidates for a secondary procedure. Dr. Passaretti can help improve the appearance of a nose that the patient feels is too large, too small, or oddly shaped, as well as increase breathing ability if the airway has become obstructed as a result of their prior surgery. Patients who have had many past nose surgeries or those who have accumulated significant scar tissue may not have suitable structures to accommodate revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Passaretti will perform a thorough examination to help determine your candidacy at your personal consultation.

Revision Rhinoplasty Connecticut

The Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

Similar to a primary procedure, revision rhinoplasty can be performed as an open or a closed surgery. Open rhinoplasty involves an incision on the outside of the nose, across the columella (the external divider of the left and right nostrils), while closed procedures involve only incisions made on the inside of the nose. Open procedures can leave a small scar at the incision site, but allow Dr. Passaretti greater access to the underlying tissue.

Which type of revision surgery he chooses will depend on your condition and treatment goals. Revision rhinoplasty can occasionally require cartilage or bone grafting. If too much tissue was removed in past procedures, Dr. Passaretti may need additional bone or cartilage to build up the nasal structure and create your desired appearance. Cartilage can be taken from other areas of the nose, the ear, or more rarely, from the ribs.

Benefits of Revision Rhinoplasty

The primary benefit of secondary rhinoplasty is that it can help patients achieve their desired outcome for the procedure. This can include an improved size and shape of their nose, as well as the ability to breathe easily through their nostrils. Dr. Passaretti takes great pride in his ability to give patients the results that they have been searching for in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

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If you have undergone a rhinoplasty procedure and are less than satisfied with your results, please contact Dr. Passaretti's office to schedule a consultation.

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