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Ethnic Rhinoplasty Can Add Refinement While Preserving Your Unique Facial Contours in Fairfield County, Connecticut

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At our practice, we value your natural beauty, which is why we offer ethnic rhinoplasty to enhance your individual facial contours. Dr. David Passaretti can design a custom treatment plan that preserves your unique look, complementing your nasal structure and profile. Depending upon your needs, he can add, reduce, or reshape cartilage and bone to alter the size of the bridge and tip of the nose. Dr. Passaretti is highly qualified to perform ethnic rhinoplasty at his Darien, CT, office and has successfully treated patients of African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Afro-Caribbean backgrounds.


Are You a Candidate?

If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your nose, you may be a good candidate for ethnic rhinoplasty. This type of cosmetic surgery can address:

  • A wide tip
  • Wide nostrils
  • A crooked bridge
  • A bump or depression on the bridge
  • An unusually short nose
  • Breathing issues resulting from a deviated septum
  • Asymmetry

Like any rhinoplasty candidate, you should be in good health and have realistic expectations. Before designing your customized treatment plan, Dr. Passaretti can take the time to evaluate your facial structure and aesthetic goals. If you are a candidate for a rhinoplasty procedure, he can then determine the alterations that would help to provide balance, harmony, and natural-looking results.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery Connecticut

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

Dr. Passaretti can employ a variety of advanced techniques to perform your rhinoplasty. He can first administer anesthesia to ensure your comfort. He can then create small incisions. If you choose to undergo an open rhinoplasty, Dr. Passaretti will make the incisions along the bottom of your columella (the cartilage between your nostrils).

If you have decided to proceed with a closed rhinoplasty, he can make these incisions inside your nostrils. Through these openings, Dr. Passaretti can remove tissue or augment tissue with a cartilage graft. He can also reshape tissue to increase symmetry and correct proportionality. If needed, he can align your septum. After repositioning the skin, he can carefully close the incisions.


After surgery, we may place packing material inside your nose or apply a splint for additional support. While you may experience some swelling, this side effect should subside within a few weeks. However, it may take several months to one year before you can see the final results of your new, refined appearance.

Why Choose Dr. Passaretti?

When you are preparing for ethnic rhinoplasty, it is vital to choose a doctor that is familiar with the unique needs of ethnic patients. Dr. Passaretti understands that the "Western" notion of beauty does not apply to patients of all backgrounds and may not result in a balanced look. As such, he makes a point to examine each patients' unique facial proportions so as to refine and rebalance the nose while still retaining distinct ethnic characteristics.

Dr. Passaretti can design a custom treatment plan that preserves your unique look, complementing your nasal structure and profile. In addition, Dr. Passaretti recognizes that scarring is an important factor when it comes to rhinoplasty, as scars tend to become white as they heal. As a result, scar tissue is more visible on patients with darker skin tones. To help ensure beautiful results, Dr. Passaretti can strategically place your incisions so scars are virtually undetectable.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Darien & Fairfield County

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