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Resurfacing lasers have revolutionized what doctors can do for the aging face – from erasing brown spots and fading lines and wrinkles, to smoothing rough skin or removing unwanted hair. If you want to reduce or eliminate the visible signs of aging and restore a more youthful appearance, Dr. David Passaretti can recommend an individually-tailored laser skin treatment for you at our Darien practice. Contact our office to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.

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IPL Photo Facial

An intense pulse light (IPL) photo facial is a “lunchtime” skin procedure that uses concentrated, filtered light to rejuvenate skin. The procedure is very effective at reducing and removing age spots, benign brown pigmentation, or facial redness caused by broken capillaries on the skin’s surface. An IPL photo facial stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin, leaving the skin looking healthy, refreshed, and in many cases, younger. IPL photo facials are milder and gentler than laser resurfacing and other laser treatments. If you have a light to medium complexion and areas of redness or unusual darkening, you are probably a good candidate for this treatment.

Full Face Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is an optimal technique to improve the appearance of aging skin without needles or invasive treatments. Sun damaged skin can be restored and rejuvenated during treatment, while the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and birthmarks is reduced. The laser targets damaged or aged cells, effectively improving your skin's texture, elasticity, and tone. If you are in good health, are not using certain topical medications, and have realistic expectations of what laser skin treatments can do for you, you are most likely a good candidate for laser resurfacing.

Laser Leg Vein Treatments

Spider veins are dilated or stretched blood vessels that usually increase in number and visibility with age. They are commonly found on the thighs, lower legs, and occasionally the face. Laser vein treatments treat these vessels, gently improving their appearance or completing erasing them. Treating veins with laser technology is both safe and effective. People of all ages can safely undergo laser vein treatment, as well as patients with various skin tones, ranging from light to dark. You are likely a good candidate for a laser leg vein treatment if you have visible veins on your legs or thighs that have a branching or web-like pattern, if you have a pattern of branching veins on your face that you would like to conceal, or if you feel your spider veins age your appearance.

Laser Hair Removal

Plucking, shaving, waxing, and depilatories are the usual remedies for removing unwanted hair. Some of these treatments are painful or messy, and they all are temporary. Laser hair removal offers a simple, convenient solution that lasts. With laser treatment, unwanted hair is removed quickly, comfortably, and more completely than ever before. Laser hair removal is a safe, non-invasive, requires little to no recovery, and has been shown to be highly effective. The treatment can be administered on nearly every part of the body.

Laser for Acne Scarring

Laser or pulsed light treatments are an effective solution for improving the appearance of acne scarring. Lasers use a high-energy beam to gently remove the top layers of the skin, and remove scarring and any damaged outer cells. You will continue to see additional improvements as collagen builds over several treatment sessions, and in some cases, optimal results can be achieved with one or two treatments. Results are permanent and utilize the healing properties of your own skin, causing very few side effects.  If you can plan for approximately five days of downtime, you may be a great candidate for a laser treatment to treat acne scarring.  

Weekend Laser Treatments (Fractional)

Fractional laser treatments allow for deeper resurfacing accompanied by rapid healing. If you come for a treatment on a Friday, you can expect to be healed and back at work on Monday. Fractional therapy removes damaged tissue and stimulates the body’s own natural process for creating healthy, new skin, full of fresh collagen. After just one treatment, you can expect to see an improvement in the texture and tone of your complexion, as well as volume, and you will achieve an overall more youthful appearance. The treatment is recommended for patients with light-to-medium skin tones, and imperfections and loss of volume due to aging and sun damage. 

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