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Dr. David Passaretti fell in love with the field of plastic surgery and enjoys providing personalized treatment to his patients who come to him looking for answers to their low confidence. With extensive education and experience, Dr. Passaretti is rewarded when his patients leave feeling good about their appearance and their self-esteem.

I went to Union College in upstate New York and then followed in my father's footsteps and went to cosmetic medical school. I entered medical school thinking I wanted to be a primary care physician or internist. After doing several rotations in both internal medicine and primary care, I realized that really wasn't for me. What attracted me to medicine was being able to spend time individually with one patient, really getting to know them and helping them through long periods of time. I found that, in fact, primary care was quite the opposite, high volumes of patients, relatively short patient visits, and someone suggested I try plastic surgery. I really did not want to be a plastic surgeon. It's not what I thought I wanted to do with my life at all. But after one week, then I really fell in love with it. I realized that plastic surgeons really do have the luxury of spending time with the patients, getting to know them very individually, and providing really personalized treatment care. That, coupled with the aspect of surgical technique and the artistry of surgery really attracted me to the field. I graduated residency in 2004 and moved to Connecticut, which is where I grew up and I've been here ever since in this office. One of the things that really attracted me to plastic surgery was the ability to sculpt and mold tissue and the fact that each patient and each operation really is unique. Unlike other areas in medicine where one procedure may be identical to the one before, each patient is different. Each patient has a different body and a different set of aesthetic goals and ideals. Through using different surgical techniques, we can mold and alter and change tissue to get each patient what it is they are looking for. It is incredibly rewarding to see when they come back to your office, get off the elevator, and walk across the office with a new confidence, smile on their face, looking good in their new clothes and realize that you really helped turned this person's life around. So, many people think a lot of what we do in cosmetic surgery is vanity, and there may be some aspect of it to that, but once you get to know the patients and understand what their issues are and how much you can affect and alter their life, you realize that it's not just vanity, you really are helping people change their lives and it's really incredibly rewarding. Yeah, it really is. People are just so happy and thankful afterwards.

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