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Breast Augmentation Procedure in Darien

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The breast augmentation procedure is performed by placing either silicone or saline implants under their breast tissue or chest muscles to augment the appearance of their bust line. Each implant and surgical option will be chosen based on the patient's individual needs.

During breast augmentation surgery, we make a small incision either around the areola or in the crease underneath the breast, go down through the breast tissue and elevate the chest muscle and place an implant underneath the chest muscle. This both reshapes and increases the volume of the breast. There are a whole host of breast implants available today. The choices come down to the material used to make the implant, the texture of the implant shell itself, and the shape of the implant. Implants are either silicone or saline. Silicone implants are now FDA-approved again. They are back on the market, and I personally feel they're very safe, so I do recommend them to most of my patients. They have significantly better feel, and significantly more natural look than saline implants. The second choice between implants is the texture, either smooth or textured. Textured implants have a Velcro-like surface which prevents the implant from moving around. Some people feel like the textured implant can provide a slightly reduced risk of capsular contracture, one of the problems associated with implants, although it really hasn't been borne out in studies. I personally think that smooth implants, which can move and shift a little, provide an overall more natural look in the patients. I generally use smooth implants. Breast implant can be placed either underneath the breast tissue or underneath the breast muscle. Underneath the breast tissue, or sub-mammary pocket, is a quicker operation, with a much faster recovery time. Having said that, the implant is completely supported by the breast tissue, and long-term tends to lead to issues of support, where the implant drops and the breast tissue is stretched out. Personally, although it's a more difficult operation to perform with a longer recovery time, I do place all my breast implants underneath the muscle. Long-term, it provides a much better result in the patients. The best technique is spending time with the patient, talking to her, and trying to understand exactly what her goal is, what size she would like to be. Once you understand what it is the patient wants, you select a range of implants which you both think would be most appropriate. Then, during the operation, we create the space for the implant, and the final implant selection is made by me during the operation, by using different sizers. Sizers are sterilized, disposable implants. They can be placed one after the other, until the perfect implant is selected. Having an operating room, we have the luxury of having a consignment, which means that we have every implant made available on the shelf at all times.

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