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Breast Reconstruction Procedure in Darien

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The breast reduction procedure is for women who have breasts that are heavier or larger than they'd like. Overly large breasts may cause back pain or limit physical activity. Dr. David Passaretti performs breast reduction to allow women to have a more balanced appearance.

Breast reduction surgery is an operation which both breast tissue and skin are removed to lift the breast, reshape it, and reduce its overall size and weight. Good candidates for breast reduction are women who have breasts that are either heavier or larger than they would like. Many women who seek out breast reduction surgery have neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain, as well as difficulty exercising. Breast reduction surgery can significantly help with all those symptoms. There are also many women who many not be a candidate for insurance for breast reduction because they are not large enough to meet the direct criteria for their insurance carrier. Having said that, they can be significantly helped with the operation as well. During a breast reduction surgery, the breast skin is elevated off the breast mound itself, the nipple and areola is left attached to the breast mound underneath which provides both innervation, that is sensation, as well as blood supply. The breast mound is then reduced to the size and shape you wanted, and the skin is brought back around and used as a bra to support and re-suspend the breast. Out of all the operations I do, breast reduction is one of my favorites, simply because the patients do so well and are so happy afterwards. It's a relatively short operation, taking about three hours. People generally heal very well, and the patients are almost universally happy afterwards.

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