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Liposuction Techniquesin Darien

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Dr. David Passaretti believes that traditional liposuction is the best option among all the liposuction technique options available today. For patients who are happy with their weight but are displeased with the excess fat on their body, liposuction can provide drastic results.

Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed operations in the United States today, and it's a great operation. You can spend a little bit of time on the Internet and come away with the impression that there are literally hundreds of different types of liposuction, and that the techniques have advanced and changed over the years. Having said that, I still feel that traditional liposuction as opposed to smart lipo or laser lipo is really the best technique. And, it's the only technique that I'll use. The other liposuction technique types such as smart liposuction are easier on the physician and less likely to cause harm to the patient. Having said that, they are nowhere near as powerful. With traditional liposuction, you're able to remove small amounts of fat in very specific areas to really taper and contour, and get the best possible shape. Good candidates for liposuction are people who are at a weight range in which they are happy, but have contour shape issues which they don't like. Liposuction is a terrible technique for weight control. It simply doesn't work. Having said that, it can permanently change the shape of your body. So, if you're a little thicker in the waist than you may like; thighs are a little bit rounder or bigger circumference than you may be happy with, liposuction will permanently alter the shape of your body. And, it's an excellent technique for that. We do liposuction, as all of our other procedures in our on-site surgical facility. So, you would come in that day; go under a light anesthesia. Several small incisions are made around the surgical site, and a small cannula or metal tube is passed into the tissue to remove the excess fat. During that process, we are gradually shaping and re-contouring the body until we're happy with the shape. With liposuction in general, people frequently talk about how much can you take out. Remove as much as you can. In reality, what we remove is nowhere near as important as what we leave behind. It's an opportunity to sculpt. So simply taking out more does not always leave a nice result. You want to leave a better shape, and that's why traditional liposuction with a very close attention to shape and contour can provide such nice results. The true benefit of liposuction is a permanent, long-term change to the shape of your body. Again, a terrible technique for weight loss. However, if your body shape is not exactly how you would like it, liposuction is a very powerful tool to reshape and re-contour. So you can permanently alter your body shape.

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