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Breast Reconstruction Resultsin Darien

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A breast reconstruction patient explains how Dr. David Passaretti and his staff helped her feel relaxed and comfortable in the office. After having a double mastectomy, our patient was ready to boost her confidence and restore her figure.

My procedure has changed my life in that following a double mastectomy, it really was a way for me to get my confidence back, and really move forward with my life. It really was an exceptional way for me to move forward. My experience at the center was really great. I found the staff at the front extremely personable. I found Dr. Passaretti very approachable, very empathetic. I found the nurses really good. It just was a very, almost family, experience for me. It was a very good experience. The way that Dr. Passaretti explained the procedure to me, the way the girls at the front welcomed me into the practice made me feel relaxed straightaway. I felt very easy to talk with him about what we wanted to do. He understood where I was coming from. He was very empathetic to what I was going through, and very frank. We had a very frank, open conversation about it. Every time I come here, I'm just welcomed with open arms. It's a special, enjoyable place to come.

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