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Post-bariatric Surgeryin Darien

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Post-bariatric surgery patients can find a number of procedures at the office of Dr. David Passaretti that help them remove the excess skin left after dramatic weight loss. Although the operations sound similar to the standard cosmetic surgeries, post-bariatric surgery procedures require very involved though and planning.

Post-bariatric or massive weight loss patients. There are a whole variety of procedures that we can use for these patients. The procedures have the same names as the operations we use on our patients, abdominoplasties, face lifts, liposuction. However, post-bariatric patients really are a unique population set, and the operations, although they have the same name, are really performed differently. Bariatric patients require a much more comprehensive overall body plan since they tend to have issues in multiple different areas. So, although the operations sound the same, each time you do a procedure on one spot, you have to understand how it affects the next anatomic location and help the patient understand that and plan the process through step by step so you can leave them with the body shape with which they're happy. I think for bariatric patients, in general, the two operations that tend to make the biggest difference for them are the abdominoplasty and either breast reductions or breast augmentations, depending upon their needs. These two operations when done together completely change the entire trunk, from shoulders all the way down to the hips, which change how all of your clothes fit and how women look and feel in general. So those two operations when coupled together tend to be the most powerful.

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