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Rhinoplasty Procedurein Darien

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Rhinoplasty is a procedure done on the nose to change the angle and/or width of the nose to provide the patient with a more balance or appealing look. Because the incisions are made on the inside of the nose, there is little to no scarring.

Rhinoplasty procedures, we do in our operating suite here. The patient goes to sleep, and during the operation I make small incisions on the inside of the nose. The bony structure of the nose can then be reduced, reducing both the angle and the width of the nose, and the cartilage at the tip of the nose can then be refined to give the nose a more elegant look. There are many techniques that use incisions on the outside of the nose. I prefer to leave all of these incisions hidden on the insides. There's no external scarring at all. My goal with all rhinoplasty procedure is to leave the patient with the nose that they should have been born with. So many patients feel that their nose doesn't fit with the rest of their face. It's just not quite harmonious. They're not really particularly interested in looking different or having a new nose, they just want to have a better version of their own nose. Many surgeons will perform rhinoplasties the exact same way in every single patient, where the nose is completely reduced and you have a typical rhinoplasty or operated-looking nose. I prefer to take each nose, again, and try to give the patient a nose that fits with their face and still looks like their nose. So they should not look operated on. And that's my goal in all operations to provide patients with a natural appearance so they don't look as though they've had surgery, but are significantly improved from before. At the same time, as we perform a cosmetic rhinoplasty we can frequently address nasal airway issues, opening up the nasal passages, reducing deviated septums to allow people to breathe better, and those, again, are certainly done at the same time frequently. The cosmetic portion, the rhinoplasty itself won't change the way the nose functions. You'll still be able to breathe the same way afterwards. It's really designed just to change the physical appearance of the nose. During the first week after rhinoplasty, patients have a plastic splint over their nose and black-and-blues under their eyes. At a week the splint is removed and the black-and-blues tend to stay for about two weeks. During that period of time they're really in very little pain, they just have a stuffy nose and don't look great. Usually, by the end of two weeks they can get back out in public and people cannot tell they've had surgery. At that point, their nose is still a little bit swollen and will probably remain a little bit swollen, especially in the tip for up to a year. Having said that, no one except themselves, their close family members, and me will know that it's still swollen.

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