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Abdominoplasty Recoveryin Darien

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The abdominoplasty recovery period typically lasts several weeks. At the Fairfield County, Connecticut office of Dr. David Passaretti, we are happy to help patients through tummy tuck recovery.

DR. DAVID PASSARETTI: As with any surgery, there is some pain. But we'll give you medication and we'll make you're comfortable. And remember, patients say that the long-lasting, slimming results were well worth any short-term discomfort. I'll see you the day following your surgery and will make sure that you're up and walking. For the best results, I want you to rest to help minimize the pull on the incision, but I do encourage light walking to aid in circulation. Everyone's recovery time is different, but patients usually find that in about two weeks they're feeling well enough to return to work. The compression garment we fit to your body can be hidden under your clothes and I'll ask you to wear it for at least a month following your surgery. Whatever the details, my staff and I will be with you every step along the way to make your recovery as comfortable as possible. When are you thinking about having surgery?

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