Treat Capsular Contracture with Revision Surgery

Although rare, capsular contracture is a condition where tissue around an implant begins to constrict, which can cause a great deal of discomfort and result in the breasts becoming misshapen. If you are suffering as a result of this condition, Dr. David Passaretti can remove and replace your breast implants during capsular contracture revision surgery at our Darien, CT, practice. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Passaretti, contact our practice today.

capsular contracture
Dr. Passaretti can correct capsular contracture and restore the dimensions of your bustline to meet your goals.

What Is Capsular Contracture?

After placing a breast implant, a sac (or capsule) of scar tissue will naturally develop around it. Capsular contracture refers to situations where this capsule tightens or thickens, squeezing your implant and resulting in pain, shifting, distortion, or hardening of the breast.

While the exact causes of capsular contracture are currently unknown, there are several factors that can increase your risk of developing the condition: 

  • Subglandular implant placement
  • Smoking and tobacco use
  • Infection during augmentation surgery

One of the best ways to prevent capsular contracture is to trust your care to a skilled and experienced surgeon like Dr. Passaretti.

If your breasts are hard to the touch or misshapen following breast augmentation, you may be suffering from capsular contracture. 

How We Diagnose Capsular Contracture

The symptoms of capsular contracture differ from patient to patient. Indicators can include one or both breasts becoming tight, and the implants looking strange, hard, or deformed.

To determine an appropriate treatment plan, Dr. Passaretti will first diagnose the severity of your condition. He will assess the degree of capsular contracture using the four-point Baker scale:

  • Grade I: The breast is soft and appears natural in size and shape
  • Grade II: The breast is slightly firm, but appears normal
  • Grade III: The breast is firm and appears abnormal
  • Grade IV: The breast is hard, painful to the touch, and appears abnormal

If you suffer from Grade I or Grade II capsular contracture, treatment may not be necessary. We can review the advantages and disadvantages of performing revision surgery based on your unique situation. However, if you suffer from Grade III or Grade IV capsular contracture, we will likely recommend revision surgery.

Determining the Best Treatment Approach

Before undergoing revision surgery to treat capsular contracture, Dr. Passaretti will review the details of the procedure and discuss your goals to customize treatment. In many instances, capsular contracture affects only one breast. However, Dr. Passaretti will frequently replace both implants, because it provides him with the greatest degree of control over the final result. Additionally, replacing both implants is often the only way to ensure that the size, shape, and appearance of your breasts will be uniform.

What to Expect during Surgery

When performing capsular contracture revision surgery, Dr. Passaretti may use the same incision that was made during your original breast augmentation procedure. However, Dr. Passaretti often uses a periareolar incision, even if it was not used originally, because this type of incision allows him to position the new implant without disturbing tissue along the bottom of the breast. 

The capsular contracture procedure will be performed in much the same manner as your original breast augmentation:

  • First, an incision will be made to access the old implants
  • Next, the implants and surrounding capsule tissue will be removed
  • Finally, the new implants will be placed
  • The incisions will be closed

The recovery for capsular contracture is similar to traditional breast augmentation recovery.

Learn More during a Consultation

If your breasts are hard to the touch or misshapen following breast augmentation, you may be suffering from capsular contracture. Fortunately, Dr. Passaretti can treat this condition with revision surgery. To learn more about capsular contracture revision surgery, request a consultation online or call our practice at (203) 656-9999.

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