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Doughnut Mastopexy Breast Lift in Darien

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Sagging breasts can occur for a variety of reasons. Some women will experience drooping breasts due to genetics, while others will develop concerns as a result of aging, weight loss, or pregnancy. Breast lift can address this common condition and restore a youthful, proportionate figure.

Doughnut mastopexy is an ideal surgical option for patients with small- to medium-sized breasts with moderate drooping. Dr. David Passaretti often recommends this technique to patients who would like perkier, firmer breasts with minimal scarring. Dr. Passaretti works closely with each patient to determine which type of breast lift is best-suited to their needs. To learn more about doughnut mastopexy and other breast lift options, contact our Darien, CT office today.

About Doughnut Mastopexy

Doughnut mastopexy, also known as periareolar mastopexy, is performed using incisions that encircle the areolae. Compared to other types of breast lift surgery, which include standard and laser breast lift, doughnut mastopexy involves the smallest and fewest number of incisions.

During surgery, Fairfield plastic surgeon Dr. Passaretti will carefully create an incision where the colored part of the areola meets with the skin that surrounds it. Next, he will make a secondary circular incision that surrounds the first, creating a circular opening around the areola. Through this opening, Dr. Passaretti can lift the underlying tissues of the breast, pulling them taut and excising excess fat and skin. Lastly, he will join the tissue on either side of the incision, which tightens the skin of the breast and creates a perkier shape.

Because this type of breast lift does not provide Dr. Passaretti full access to the lower part of the breast (like a standard breast lift), this technique can provide only a moderate amount of lift. Although this level of lifting can create a dramatic difference for patients with small breasts, the results may be unsatisfactory for patients with larger breasts.

Doughnut Mastopexy Breast Lift Fairfield County

Doughnut Mastopexy Benefits

For the right patients, doughnut mastopexy offers several benefits over other breast lift techniques. If you choose to undergo doughnut mastopexy, you could benefit from:

  • Increased confidence in your appearance
  • Better-fitting clothing and bras
  • A more youthful bustline
  • Minimal scarring that is usually hidden within the natural outline of the areolae
  • Natural-looking lifting

Many women gravitate toward breast lift because it rejuvenates the natural breasts. Others choose to combine breast lift with augmentation for a more voluptuous look. Dr. Passaretti works closely with his patients to ensure he understands their unique goals and is able to precisely execute them.

Ensuring Your Satisfaction in Your Results

When you select a plastic surgeon, it is extremely important to choose a doctor who has extensive experience performing the type of procedure you would like to undergo. You should also research their history of patient satisfaction. With each surgery he performs, Dr. Passaretti uses careful planning and precise execution to provide the best results for each patient. Patients who have undergone doughnut mastopexy with Dr. Passaretti can expect a beautiful, natural-looking shape with virtually unnoticeable scarring after healing is complete.

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