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Although various techniques for breast reconstruction have been developed, none have become more popular than the TRAM flap technique. Fairfield County, Connecticut surgeon David Passaretti has extensive experience using the TRAM flap technique and is among the most trusted breast reconstruction surgeons in the state. As with the latissimus flap and DIEP flap procedures, the TRAM flap surgery utilizes living tissue from the patient's own body. To find out if this technique is the ideal breast reconstruction method for you, contact our practice today.

The TRAM Flap Technique

The TRAM, or belly flap, surgical technique was introduced in the early eighties and quickly became the most popular living tissue breast reconstruction method available. During the TRAM Flap procedure, a flap of skin, fat, and muscle is removed from the abdomen and relocated to the chest wall.

Steps 1, 2, and 3 of the TRAM flap technique

There are two ways to transfer the flap: the “free flap” method involves completely separating tissue from the body and reattaching blood vessels using microsurgery techniques; the “traditional” TRAM flap technique moves the flap from the abdomen to the chest utilizing a tunnel beneath the skin. Both operations take longer than implant breast reconstruction procedures and involve significantly more recovery time. However, TRAM flap breast reconstruction produces the most aesthetically pleasing result. Also, because excess abdominal tissue is removed during TRAM flap surgery, our Fairfield County, Connecticut breast reconstruction patients have the added bonus of seeing results very similar to a tummy tuck following surgery.

Advantages of Breast Reconstruction with Living Tissue

During living tissue breast reconstruction surgery, a flap of skin, muscle, and fat is removed from one area of the body and transferred to the chest to form a new breast mound, as is the case during the TRAM flap procedure. Many of our patients choose living tissue breast reconstruction because they prefer the natural feel of a breast constructed from their own tissue. As an added benefit, there are no synthetic materials (breast implants) present in the body that may potentially cause problems or necessitate further surgery. While living tissue breast reconstruction is inevitably more complex than breast implant reconstruction, it is ideal for women who are seeking natural-looking and natural-feeling results.

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To find out if you are a candidate for TRAM flap surgery, contact our practice, located in Fairfield County, Connecticut today. During your breast reconstruction consultation, Dr. Passaretti will help you determine which surgical technique is right for you.

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