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Redefine Your Profile with Harmony
The Minimally Invasive Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

When you look in the mirror, are you happy with what you see? If you are unhappy with your nose, it can have a huge impact on your confidence in your appearance. Fortunately, there is a solution. Many patients are candidates for, Harmony, Dr Passaretti's unique minimally invasive ultrasonic rhinoplasty procedure. Rhinoplasty should be about creating Harmony. Your nose should be a perfectly harmonious part of the face, blending with and adding beauty to the lips and eyes. Not drawing attention because it is either overly prominent or fake and operated looking.  If you are looking for a dramatic change or just a better you, using rhinoplasty surgery at our Darien, CT, practice, Dr. David Passaretti can adjust the length, width, and profile of your nose. He can also use this procedure to correct a deviated septum and improve your breathing. We offer both the traditional open technique and Dr Passaretti's more advanced minimally invasive ultrasonic rhinoplasty, Harmony.  Dr. Passaretti will determine which type is right for you during a consultation. To schedule your initial appointment, contact our office today.

Harmonious, Natural-Looking Results

Rhinoplasty is a procedure done on the nose to change the angle and/or width of the nose to provide the patient with a more balance or appealing look. Because the incisions are made on the inside of the nose, there is little to no scarring.

A Top Plastic Surgeon Who Offers Minimally Invasive Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

Dr. David Passaretti developed his state-of-the-art technique combining twenty years of experience and the latest technological advances.  He is one of a select few plastic surgeons in Darien, CT, and all of Connecticut who offers minimally invasive scarless rhinoplasty using the latest harmonic piezoelectric technology

Traditional open rhinoplasty, the kind most surgeons still use, is performed with incisions in the skin and osteotomes—surgical chisels and hammers that allow plastic surgeons to modify bone tissue. These techniques, which have not changed in over fifty years, are effective but lead to large amounts of swelling and long recovery times. The additional scarring from skin incisions and the poor control provided by blunt chisels can lead to an all too common operated, over done look. But with Harmony, the minimally invasive ultrasonic rhinoplasty (also known as microrhinoplasty), Dr. Passaretti uses much smaller ultrasonic tools to perform microrhinoplasty surgery. These piezoelectric tools use harmonic vibrations to precisely alter the bone and cartilage in your nose without harming surrounding tissue. He performs these techniques through tiny incisions located entirely inside your nose. This means no visible scarring, less recovery, faster healing, and a more natural harmonious look.

Want to discuss the benefits of minimally invasive rhinoplasty with Dr. Passaretti? Our cosmetic surgery practice is open today. Request your consultation online or call us at (203) 656-9999.

Determining Your Candidacy

If you are dissatisfied with the shape or size of your nose, you are likely a good candidate for rhinoplasty at our Darien practice. To be considered for this treatment, you should be in good physical health with specific yet realistic goals for your treatment. Rhinoplasty is only suitable for adults, and teenagers should wait until they have finished growing before they consider a nose job.

Open vs. Closed Surgery

There are two different rhinoplasty techniques: open and closed. While both can achieve similar results, and Dr. Passaretti's final recommendation will ultimately depend on your aesthetic goals and the natural shape of your nose, the closed technique offers distinct advantages due to the minimal disruption of normal tissue. During closed rhinoplasty, he will create tiny incisions inside your nostrils. In open rhinoplasty, he will place the incision across the columella, the strip of tissue that separates the nostrils.

Technique Personalized to Your Needs 

Although, Harmony, the ultrasonic closed rhinoplasty is a more complex procedure, Dr. Passaretti typically prefers this option since it eliminates visible scarring. However, since open rhinoplasty allows him to easily access more tissue, he may recommend this procedure if you require more extensive correction.

Open vs. closed rhinoplasty
Closed rhinoplasty avoids any incisions in the skin

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

Before performing either procedure in our Fairfield County private surgical suite, Dr. Passaretti will supply general or intravenous (IV) sedation. After he has created the incisions, he will alter cartilage and bone to improve the shape of your nose. Typically, he will remove material to reduce the size of your nose, but he can also perform a tissue graft to enhance its definition.

He may also straighten your septum to improve your breathing. Lastly, Dr. Passaretti will drape the skin over the new contours of your nose and carefully close the incisions.

Transform Your Profile 

Before rhinoplasty
After rhinoplasty
This patient was unhappy with the hump on his nose. Dr. Passaretti was able to smooth the bridge of the nose to create a more flattering profile.

We love our patients, and our patients love their privacy. For a private showing of our Before and After Gallery, please call for a consultation or request an appointment today!

What to Expect After Surgery

After your nose surgery, you will experience some swelling and minimal discomfort. You should sleep with your head elevated, and Dr. Passaretti may provide a splint to enhance healing and contouring.

Your Results

Within a week, you should be able to remove the splint, and you will typically not show any visible signs of a recent surgery. Although you will notice changes in the shape and size of your nose immediately after your procedure, it typically takes a number of months for the final results of your rhinoplasty to become apparent. To enhance the outcome of your rhinoplasty, you should follow all post-surgical instructions and attend any necessary follow-up appointments with Dr. Passaretti.

"Our daughter had rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Passaretti this past month. She is so happy with the outcome. He did an amazing job and it looks just like she pictured it would. The procedure was seamless, and he really listened to her and what her expectations were. The whole team at his practice was wonderful!" 5 Stars on Vitals

Benefits & Considerations

Rhinoplasty performed at our Darien, Fairfield County practice can correct a wide range of concerns and health issues, including:

  • Reduce the length or width of your nose
  • Correct asymmetry
  • Restore balance by making your features more proportionate
  • Reduce the size of your nostrils
  • Remove humps or depressions from the bridge of your nose
  • Enhance your breathing by correcting a deviated septum
  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • Maintain the unique characteristics of your facial contours with ethnic rhinoplasty

Since rhinoplasty is a completely personalized procedure, your initial consultation is a vital component of your treatment. During this appointment, you will discuss your cosmetic goals and health history, and Dr. Passaretti will examine the natural shape and size of your nose to create a treatment designed just for you. If you are unhappy with the results of a previous surgery, he also offers revision rhinoplasty at his Darien practice to correct imperfections and restore your confidence in your appearance.

Contact Dr. Passaretti Today

You can learn more about whether rhinoplasty is right for you, including cost and financing options, during a consultation. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Passaretti in Darien today.

Naturally Beautiful

This young woman wanted a natural, harmonious improvement to her nose. Dr Passaretti was able to achieve this with no skin incisions and a quick recovery using microrhinoplasty techniques.
Dr. Passaretti

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Dr. David Passaretti is a distinguished plastic surgeon who is:

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